Prizes for this season

Hi everyone,


What are the prizes for getting #1 in this season ?

Under season standings, I can see below:-

  1. Dragofroster

  2. Gargoyle Nest

  3. Surprise Mummy


But if I tap on i icon next to this season name, I can see below:-


  1. Surprise Mummy

  2. Gargoyle Nest

  3. Dragofroster


Any idea? Thanks


I noticed this too I’m a summing the prizes we get are the season standing ones

Yes i noticed me too, however the panel shows only what type of war boosts you can win with no standings associated. The first instead is the real standings: “dragofroster, gargoyle nest,  surprise mummy” also you can noticed in few hours the real standings of war boosts by doing skulls so you see who has the dragofroster at first place, gargoyle nest at second place and so on.

Ya, you guys are right :slight_smile: