Pro Archer already activated

HI Flaregames team. @Nikko@FTB@Archimedes@flaretara

Just attacked player with nick  Riiter d. Finsternis form alliance Drachen Orden. 

Can u explain me how it is possible that this player has already Pro Archer in his Defence…??? Pro league is not even finished . I’m 100% sure that was it… tried to make an screeshot but it was too late…

To be honest it is not the first time…yesterday seen it also by attacking some other guy…did not notice his nick

Thx in advance.

it’s true! they were activated a few days ago :slight_smile:

WTF??  this is unfair   . @flaregames.    How it is even possible…??? why are u treating people here like this???..we shoild be all equal. LOL


calm down! they are still as useless and remained. The main thing is that this error does not happen again with FB

thats fine if they r not good,but whats wrong with these falre people,from 2 days ppl r saying we r not able to see frenzyfrost blasters boost they dint reply,few weeks back opelle asked about rr2 wiki , they didnt reply…

is it so hard to say atleast one line - that we r looking into the damn problem , they can post why they took server break , but they cant reply to our questions…

what the hell is wrong with them…

It is not the point that they are useless or not. the point is WHY?? AND WHY AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN we have BUGS in this game.

and WHY @flaregames still do not learn from his mistake. And why they still practice ostrich technik. U should shame yourself @flare.  Kick out at least this persons who is responsible for all this BUGS here!!!