Pro archer boost runs out in 5h....history repeats

Again…History repeats itself…pro archer boost will run ou in less than 5h.

How long will we have to wait for it to become activable again…Usually we need to wait until Thursday Live Server Update…let s see about that…

Do I have to remind Flare’s staff, that there is 2 other pro boosts…Make the work for the last two…maybe…well…it s just a thought…


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A good opportunity to change combo!
Never used archer btw:(

I m using it in solo raid but I will use something else, no problem…it s just that it was the case with pro pala…then with pro heal tower…and then it will be the same with pro archer…

come on…It should be possible to prevent this to happen…it s not like if they dont know the timing…and even if they did not know it…now they know!

The good thing about this is that even those alliances who didnt prolong the boost get this boost for free for few hours… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Im sure the knew.
Think the update planned to be bigger and not all implemented still

Alliance gold is absolutly not prpblem now

Big fail of Flare

hehe… let me make your day a bit fun… there exists developing alliance such as mine, where alliance gold is a bit of a problem… and hence, even a few hours of free boost is a surprise gift for us… lol… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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lol yeah I can imagine that @GrimScythe2001, you just need to be available to play when it s active :slight_smile:

and indeed, when we have all cq buildings done as a max level alliance, gold is not so much a problem anymore…but I remember when we had to save to level up…

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Gold is getting TOO easy now. I remember when we started PL, we neeeded to donate 1-2 blns every 10-15 days.

Now its getting too easy and too fast,

With this season pass its become even easier

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Try to say it to the guys in lower level aliances who still collect to get max CQ buildings :P.

I think game have too many alliances:
The ones who still cant find gold after all this features we have- ahould be disbanded and it will let to rise another good alliances.

As example we have 44 bln of gold and ABSOLUTLY no place to spent it

So maybe you can help low level aliances :slight_smile:
A 4 the alliances count… nope. it’s cool. Some want to play hihg, some want to stay low. Hopefully there is still place to have fun in RR. I have moved to lower aliance and after some time i must say it was wise decision.

Its ok if they dont cry about gold and play low, its my destiny too.

To play top is become boring.

But while you said they have a porblems with gold low means its not their choice

Should die)

That is why playing top becomess boring. Lower aliances stay low because they cannot afford to get high. So top stays top right now and every 2 weeks play with the same few teams :wink:

Its not true. I made PL as example everyone can do it.

I started PL with 2-3 friends. Others 10 joined me in a few days.

Its come from 60 place to 1 in 3 months as i remember. And everyone can repeat it

So to make top its not big deal:
To keep top is a problem

Top is boring

But low alliances are just sh.t.
I would never accept to see 0 in wars or 0 in CQ and leader who accept it

Pro archers are back

Thanks for the quick maintenance :+1:

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Seems there is not only archers came back( sadly:(( i saw so many fails this hours🤣

I see Btower got +2 levels same knights.

Might be something else was changed