Pro boosted archer, why do we even need those high statistics?

I made an overview of all pro boosts. I would like to focus on ascension archer.

What bothers me is strength of Ascension archer, it’s completely over powered and those values make no sense at all. Every time we check our attack history, we see that players with power plus ascension archers are the ones successfully raiding the base. Only a few that succeed don’t have the archer in their offense arsenal.

One fact is that the ascension archer is summoned next to hero, as some kind of insta troop. So when one ascension archer gets killed, the next one within no time is appearing next to hero again.

And that ascension archer (especially the higher levels) then needs one or two shots to take down anything nearby, beasts also stand not the slightest chance, since that archer survives their damage and is shot easily within a few shots.

When looking at the numbers of this ascension archer, nobody needs to wonder why it’s over powered.

I personally think this ascension boost needs definitely a change. There is no need for a troop having a factor 5 - 9 more damage and health.

From point of view of so called balance, those numbers need to be adjusted downwards. Level 1 should give a little advantage of 50%-100% more damage, level 4 should give max 250%-500% more damage.

Then at least working on defensive structures also makes sense.

Balance is a joke.
The perfect balance is that one when players don’t leave the game and spent their money.
Why do you think Nemesis is so strong ? Why are some pals, spells, units and towers so useless ? Because developers don’t care about really balancing the game, they want to earn money.
Pro-things are over-powered to encourage players to get pro-subscription.
Conquest boosts are great, to encourage players to max their conquest buildings and spent gems to refill them.
Special runes are far more over-powered to encourage players to buy runes chests.


Yes, you are absolutely correct. But from one point of view keenflare is forgetting something in this situation.

Players with OP offensive boosts will scroll and resurrect less. In other words, those OP offensive pro boosts, like archer and paladins also cost them cash, since players who use them, will need less resurrections and scrolls to win the raid.

Since it doesn’t matter if you forged your towers many times or not, less players will invest in defense. When someone with a lot of forges mentions that this investment in his base is worth it, since even players with offensive pro boosts miserably fail, I guess many players will spend time and energy strengthening their defense. and since this takes a lot of time, I guess a lot of players then suddenly definitely will invest in defense.

I think it’s a joke that due to these offensive boosts it no longer matters how often you forged your towers, they go down in no time anyway. I for example forged my towers 85 times average. Only benefit of it, is that I can assign two runes to my towers, which on their turn, also won’t stop these OP offensive pro boosts.

So I really should scratch my head and wonder why I even keep working on my defense, while anybody with overpowered boosts can simply beat it. It totally makes no sense. They could also put a button there, “push here to win the raid instantly”

Yes of course, if you can afford to prolong conquest and war boosts like gargoyle nests, twisted gargoyle and have your defense full with them, maybe you can defend successfully, but as soon as one of those boosts expires, defense once again is a total joke. So must we conclude that forging towers is only required to unlock second rune slot?

I know why nemesis is so strong, since it costs 150k crystals. Don’t have nemesis yet, since I spend tons of crystals first to donate enough phoebes to our both teams.

Special runes are indeed overpowered, when you manage to get them upgraded to max (Level 6). Only players who buy tons of one time rune offers, will have unlocked some level 6 runes, but since we have many different runes (24 if I am correct), I guess that till now, nobody has an unique level 6 rune.


Also, there seems to be a fountain of Gems as I see teams scrolling insanely that you know cannot afford to buy those gems, and also extending all boosts.

Unfortunately this and all the other good points above are driving the majority of players from game.
And its the masses that make the game viable not the high spender or the cheaters.

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We will consider checking the balance of the Pro-boosted Ascension Archer. Thanks :rr2ninja:

Please don’t take Dena4 as representative of the community, the Ascension Archer is a great unit, but it is a lot of work to get, and sacrifices many normal archers (which don’t get used at all these days as they are useless without the boost), which invalidates a lot of the reasoning in the first post.

Dena4, you’ll always have the problem of weak boosts in your alliances, this doesn’t mean that offense is OP, especially when skull gear is equipped, and your comments could ruin the game for many, and we have seen Flare over react, or take these threads out of context and making many people unhappy.

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We will always consider feedback but we do not change things just like that, but only when and if we think the change makes sense as well based on available data etc and after a very careful consideration. :slight_smile:

I support what Dena said. I don’t think it is difficult to summon. It costs only 2 morale. 10 for 5 archers and it gets insta summoned. I don’t think that is considered “a lot of sacrifice”.

It’s OK, I’m sure you can jump over to someone else with double garg/nest boosts and have a difficult base again (sorry, couldn’t resist :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Ad hominem, as usual.

Dena took the effort to make a chart, and I’m supporting his view after looking at it. Did you see the chart? Archer with 500% while others are all below 100%. Archer is very cheap to summon, with only 10 total points for the big archer. In addition, it is an insta summon for the big archer.

Well, if you want to continue resorting to ad hominem again instead of talking about the topic, go ahead =)

p.s. 500% at level 1. It’s 900% at level 4. The gap is HUGE.

Why everyone talks about gargs like about imba
They are nothing

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