Pro chests: one of those days you really think to quit

I’ll be honest, I never invested in Pro leagues, tickets are way too expensive in terms of gems, monthly payment is silly,  only a way to take money from the players. This is Flare’s job, and this is fine. Flare decided to give us one ticket per month and I tried to manage this opportunity as best I can.

I collected (in a pretty long time to be fair) enough crystals to buy 10 pro chests, instead of buying pro items directly. This is my personal strategy, you can find tickets, pro items, gems, something better than the naked item.

I open one after another: pearls and pet food. That’s it. I was not happy, of course, but hey, I knew the risk, OK.

In my ally we discuss about this and one of my friends does the same, he buys 6 pro chests. I open our ally whatsapp chat: screens of 3 pro items, one better than the other.

Pro items/chests: 0 out of 10 vs. 3 out of 6

My honest reaction: congratulate with my friend, press the home button closing the game, switch off my tablet, go out enjoying the day, go to bed.

I waited 1 day to write this post to avoid an easy ban, I’m not playing since then and I will not today, I already informed my ally that tomorrow I will be not online.

With uber-chests at least you find 90% of the times an uber item (a Tournament set item, but this is a story for another day…). And you don’t find this FKING TRASH PET FOOD.


This BS is just the same BS of the event chests. Randomness totally wipes out every efforts. You can do more, and gain much less. I want the time I invest in this game to be rewarded somehow. If all I get is frustration for idiotic mechanics, I am done.

FAIL, sorry, FAIR, sorry again, FLAREgames will not listen or answer, so, dear reader of this post, thank you for sharing a little bit of my frustration.

See you soon guys (maybe).

Oh yeah… the distorting effect of hugely uncapped randomness… Royal Casino Revolt 2.

Agreed with this. That’s why flare should reduce it’s price.


Just like me. ?


I’m fine with that. However, I am more happy when I found an pro-item from those chest (only got 2 so far). I think I’ll be super happy when found pro-tickets from those chest (because it’s expensive. LOL), unfortunately I have yet to found it.

So far every time I participated in pro league I got a pro item from chest but I haven’t bought any chests yet (a strategy I’ve also considered implementing myself) so can’t tell if those are somehow skewed in comparison to reward chests. While it’s understandable to get irritated by getting a poor (or less welcome) dice roll, both pearls and pro food aren’t such a bad reward due to the amount of those you gain (forges and higher level pals are bloody expensive). Obviously they feel useless compared to an omega ring or a pro ticket but several thousand pearls is nothing to sneeze at, especially when your blacksmith isn’t maxed yet.

Though in the end it doesn’t change the fact that the pro league’s barrier of entry is way too high. If it’s to deter the unworthy from mingling in with the tru pros then you should win participation somehow, not buy it for gems (because big wallet ≠ pro, y’know).

Buying pro chest instead of pro items when your dont have many of them is a logic move. You can get any of them, which are all good, and the cost is better.

Try buying pro chest when you rank high in the league. I dont know about “bought” chests, but the “won” chests definitely give better rewards, confirmed.

Try saving crystal for later king level to buy (100+, 110+,130). You’ll get items that wont be obsolette soon.

Pro league is for pro competition. Get good. Before i do proleague, i watch, i practice on my base with the closest combo, i watch again, then i do it.

Proticket price is reasonable. I didnt get any pro item the last 4 leagues, it’s ok, ranking around 100 give me average 2000-3000pearl + pal treat,150-300diamond, 3000-5000 crystals , per league. Not to mention 500-800 gems and 1-2 prochest every month. In my calculation, i can afford a full month of proleague with 500-600 gems, which is easy with 2 perfect ninja events at 3500-4500 range, the rest the league pays itself.

more gems from the wars, daily rewards, quests dungeon, attackers, the brothel house…

I’ve found a Ticket before, never got one since