In my opinion, the most disappointing thing in Pro-Leagues at the moment is to open our pro-chests and receive nothing but pal food and pearls, and that happens quite often 
Pal food and pearls are great but not when that’s all we get in a chest that could have so much better stuff in it.

I would like to see moguaranteed stuff, like, every pro-chests will always have as rewards:

  • Pal Food
  • Pearls
  • Gems
  • Crystals
  • Item, at least Uber
  • Random

Or maybe:

  • Gems
  • Crystals
  • Item, at least Uber
  • +3 random


Plus, pro-chests for monthly leaderboard need to change, it’s just not worthy to play 4/4 weeks at the moment

If we play only 1 Pro-League per month we get 1 pro-chest as monthly reward cause that’s minimum;
If we play 4 Pro-Leagues per month and can’t make it to top 100 we still get the minimum 1 pro-chest reward only.

So regular players get more rewards playing only 1 Pro-League every month! 

You should never be able to know what is in your chest. I know your frustration, but to ask for an automatic gem reward in every chest is preposterous. We should get ALL Pro Items, not mostly Pearls and Pals and then an Uber Item. It should be Pro rewards every time, and decrease the chance for pearls and pals just a tad. That way we can hold out hope for gems. 

To your second part, you are right. In 4 PL in the monthly, the 1 Pro chest is just awful, that definitely should be changed. Agree with you there :slight_smile:


Well, uber chests dont have only uber rewards, legendary chests dont have only legendary rewards…

And I would rather receive decent uber/legendary rewards (as gems, crystals or gears) than a chest full of only “bad” pro rewards (with only pearls, pal food). So pro-chests rewards rarity is ok, its the rewards that need to change.

Yes, but I’m saying Pro Chests need to be something different from every other chest in the game. It should be the only chest where you automatically get all items of the value of the chest

Everyone who participates in the pro-league – including the last person – gets a pro-chest. Everyone gets one ticket a month free.  I don’t see that that warrants guaranteed awesome stuff.

I think you are misunderstanding what I mean. By Pro Value I mean ANYTHING! They should be special chests, even if it is just one. The most likely still can be pearls and pals, but all I’m saying is that there should be nothing but Pro Valued items in the chest

Totally agree with you there?