Pro chests.

What are these jokes? I understand that getting pro elements is bordering on a miracle because we get only food and pearls, but that’s it?

I’m done.

The higher you score, the better stuff you get even though they don’t tell you that. Score top 50+ to get the best stuff whereas anything lower will only give you basic food and pearls and the odd chance of something else (hence do your best and score well to get the best possible rewards from your pro chests)

I finished in the +/- 180th place. I had 1.7k+ This is such a bad place, except that the previous 150 have been reached in not know how in the last hours? and above all, laughter, 3k crystals, 1k pearls, 1k karma, 150 diax and 1 coupon?
Where is the comparison here? Every time I have 3-5 coupons from boxes. nothing good…

Hope that was a mistake on flare but would think that should have been pro ticket and not voucher.

@Grubaz, I think you should contact Customer Support. 1 (one!) voucher in a pro-chest would be insulting as reward. This can not be the intended content of a pro-chest, especially not for ~180th place. I think I had vouchers once in a pro-chest, but that was “Pro Vouchers” and - I don’t remember exactly - it was a decent number of hundreds of vouchers.

probably just a visual bug. Contact support. Good chance that was a Pro ticket and not a simple useless voucher