Pro cup tent do not shoot arrows

One tiny skeleton destroy tent. Only in Pro universe!

Yeah pretty stupid

a pro wouldn’t miss the skeleton!

gotta admit,this one sucks donkey and only for paladin,what a waste.

Necromancer has weakness to piercing but not with her skeleton. Pro league tent shot arrow but doesn’t have enough power to bring down a skeleton (even in the normal attack when we use swordrain, we can one-shot necromancer but not her skeleton (that still have approx 3/4 health)), so don’t leave skeleton behind OR when you already miss it just run and destroy the gate asap.

I participate in this pro league and there’s a level when I miss a skeleton behind in the 2/3 base, so I hurry up to destroy the remaining tower and when my tent health began to decrease I run to the gate. Gladly I finish the gate before the skeleton ?.