Pro Disappointment: Pro chests gave not even a single pro crystal

I managed to get 2 pro chests and when i opened them, i was very much disappointed to find only pal treats and pearls… :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: Flare does realise that the prime objective of playing pros, or opening pro chests is to get crystals… Players expect pro crystals when they open pro chests, but I got none… I opened 2 pro chests simultaneously, and I found not even a single pro crystal… DISAPPOINTMENT DISAPPOINTMENT DISAPPOINTMENT!!!

maybe it was my luck… :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed: but the system’s supposed to give at least 4K pro crystals out of the 2 pro chests, ain’t it?..


The same thing happened to me too. It is like apart from making it more difficult, it is added that the prizes are useless. What I touch is everything to melt. I really don’t understand why the pro-league is being so severe, I don’t understand it. I buy gems, so they make it harder for me? I don’t know if the pro league is profitable at such a high cost of the price of the gems. :frowning:

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Is it a place where everyone has an psychological therapy?

Whats up with you guys?
Stop post every moment of game here

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Who are you to say where and how we should publish? Who do you think you are? Hey???

Im the one who tired to read this stream of mind every day at forum🤣

This week’s Pro league actually felt impossible. I say this objectively.

If flare is gonna give us a 2 bomb LV 1 nemesis, they should have made the reward tiers better for this league.

And firebolt towers were so unkillable…

Equipped troops lack the range, no fire/blunt spell was available, ogres were only in the first 4 or 5 levels to clone with nemesis/black magic and in LV 10+ where nemesis beast would kill everything. Considering that the top scores were 1.2k means literally nobody beat LV 10+.

I wonder if Flare did a through play test of reaper cup after nemesis rework, or if they assumed ?-bombs were enough to make everyone score rank 1…

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I dont usually write things, but pro chest’s supposed to give some crystals… you are lvl 130 with nemesis and in an extremely good alliance, I am not… I still need crystals to buy myself pal I require… I still need crystals to buy and donate my alliance to unlock phoebe… And if system’s not gonna give what it’s supposed to give, it’s broken and forum is where it can be discussed…

It’s not a bug, but it is still unfair and that is what forum is made for… I don’t force you to read my posts (no hard feelings), but I have every right to post my views on the system of the game that I feel is broken…

Really, don’t… Topic clearly states disappointment, nobody asked you to open it and destroy your mood by reading about my mood… no offense, but it seems these are the things you like to read too… :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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I got 1 chest and there were 2k + crystals.
do you really play a game and don’t understand what is random?

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i know it’s random and I did say it may be my luck… But surely the first chest’s supposed to give at least 2K (in fact, as per experience, min. 4K) crystals…

Should give

Hmmmmmm someone dont know meaning of random🤣

No unfair in system
Random is random

None SHOULD give you a crystals.
You have your guarantee crystals from raids

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Everyone had the same set and same paths.
Why it was HARD?
No matter how many points did u get, problem is to reach more then others
Not big deal

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That is true but… There is something wrong with balance when max score id 2k+ and current top scores was about 1.2k.
As for me it shows that someone just probabbly copied something, made little changes and did not even bother to check it. Or maybe an author wanted to show us something…
I only hope it was becouse dev team is concentrated on War changes :slight_smile:

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Baby, wake up. Random It is not random. Random casino games are random, but not a real random. Everything is manipulated. Wake up before speaking.


Lol… look at current leaderboard rank 4… I suppose we can be certain he cheated looking at his level, but how do we know if the top players cheated too?.. I wont say they did cheat, but they might have and how do we check that?.. I dont care who’s top and who’s not, who cheated and who did not…

Random, but not unusually random… ah, i dont even know what to say to top players like you, you wont understand a thing… All you will be like, ‘we were at your level and we did not even have such facilities’, ‘we had no feature and we worked hard to reach where we are now’ and blah blah…

Okay, it is random and RR2 should keep up their good work… Dont provide players with pro crystals in pro league and pro chest… It’s fair because it’s RANDOM!!!

What else do you want to talk about the Cheater Pro League? … this League is not build for normal players anymore

the league belongs stopped as well as the Conquest … a sensible system for succumbing to Pro chests has to be found

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I think devs trying to push alliances to spent money to have pro boosts
Idea is push all to buy pro tickets

Its only the goal as i see

Chill, “baby”:rofl: no need personal offends;)

Nah, pro is awesome
It give you chance to prove yourself