Pro Equipments?

Hi all,

I’ve been playing since some months now and I reached level 75 in this game but I don’t really know what to do precisely.

I play just for fun but I also paid something around 300/400 euro on it and I would like to capitalize what I shop in the best way possible.

I lack in every aspect of this game because I don’t really read or watch any tutorial and I do everything using my ultra low knowledge of this game.


in this moment I’ve been stacking around 75k Pro Crystals (and 15/30 pro items yet) and I would like to build an equipment for my char but obviously my lack of experience stop me because I don’t know what I should buy, what are the vest pieces and why.

Basically I don’t know what kind of bonuses are better, which one is useless, which one is OP,  which ones is a MUST.

That’s what I would like to ask.

Which pieces should I buy?

Which pet? (in future)

Thanks for you answers anyway.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

You can try pro pal, Ceres.


As for equipments, don’t use the crystals. Save them up until you reach about level 110 and above. The items are stronger as you gain level, thus, it’ll be obsolete if you buy them early. Mix and match the ones you get from pro chest/ Uber chest for the time being, it should be good enough at your level.