Pro Festival Defences Bit overpowered !

Hello guys !

Well in playing pro festival I think its a bit overpowered With asecnsion archers, Box of Shocks, Mass Hysteria & specially Troxin Tower.

I am not saying to deactivate all but at least either Box of Shocks or Trioxin Tower please.

I know its pro festival supposed to be harder but still its a festival.

And also there is no any Nemesis pal which is worth to fight for it. It just has Eris and Janus pal which i already have and not only me, actually most of them have it i guess. Also the pro items are not of greater value than I have.

And also it has Most of the time Celestial Phoebe. I know its Pro festival but Phoebe is not just the only pro beast. Ise other pro beasts too. Please !

So please consider it.

Thank you.

Note, that these are not auto-generated Bases you are fighting. Its just Copies of Players Bases around your Trophy-Level. It they are too hard for you, just drop Trophies and come back a few hours later. That`s it.

Have Fun!  :slight_smile: