Pro Festival: Ranking the Items From Best to Worst

Special thanks to flaregames for giving me gems to make these videos

FG pays for video guides?

I was suprised to…to see that comment?

Hello there,

We sometimes support creators from our community with gems to support them to create content. If you have more questions about this, please contact me via PM.

Do you forget Flotha?)

I feel bad) it turns out all my videos that I shot on YouTube, could be paid))

I thought Flotha works on enthusiasm. God, how I was naive)))

and wiki? he was paid too? Then why did he ask for help from the developers, and was not satisfied with their backup?

This is not the place for this discussion. Invizzzible, please contact me via PM for any questions regarding this matter.

As i understand devs dnt support wiki.


btw who care??

A lot of people care.

The wiki has been one of the best sources of information on this game.

oPelle did a wonderful job there.

May be. But mostly useless info