Pro Festival

This does look promising indeed. Looks like a fun festival, thanks flare! Will be fun to get Janus as well!!

I would rather see us decide which item we buy from entire pro collection. Now just a very small subpart is available. Items that I saw, aren’t worth it for me. 


very upset about this pro event.

seems ***** cuz now we can buy by gems the pro stuff

It’s a very tricky Festival, because it allows players to buy Pro stuff with gems

So, putting the weak stuff there is not really fun, but at the same time, putting the strong stuff there is not really fair

And it looks like they opted for the not really fun version

announce new pro set or pal is better than this festival

Completely agree, flare is laughing with those who played weeks and weeks to get pro items and pals.  Now with spending some gems you can purchase the same.

It seems obvious flare is only interested anymore in getting as much money, and not in the good health of the game anymore.

Flare give more and more reasons to stop playing this game, and i don’t know they realise it theirselves.

This game becomes very slow now.  Wars every month, ninja 1x month, conquest becomes or boring or frustrating for alliances…

Upgrade times towers … very long, so you need not much be online last weeks.

Me personal did not single fight outside war, ninja or conquest since last pyro war and still able to do daily donations, upgrades…


when it start? 

Should be today. I rather would like to see new release come out first, since the bugs are making raids much harder than they should be.


When Nemesis comes to the festival it is :diamonds: 4700 x 6 =:diamonds: 28200 :slight_smile: samedays There may be days when the number of owners increases Nemesis


hmm… items are not so crazy. Pro pals also not very popular. There is always possibility to buy things for gems on every festival.

But i think every festival is very good, especially for new players and the one who still build things ?. And that is most important for this game!

Why do you think nemesis is so good? I never heard that someone is glad of this purchase ?

Hi there,

We also wanted to give newer players and players that don’t participate in Pro league a chance to get some cool Pro League stuff.  :slight_smile: I hope another festival will be more to the taste of more advanced players as well again. :slight_smile:

If there is Pro items who offer XP Perk I will be the more happy one in the game. At least better than the one I have. If they can offer 30%. Very glad to hear a Pro festival come today. Finally again the problem of gold will be solve temporary. the best time to upgrade expessive upgrades

Would like to give you mine, but I can’t. Got double xp armor and ring today. Last time I did melt all my xp gear during last blacksmith, had more than 200% xp gear, but never raid with it.

Festival is active. New release also there. 

i see some nice gold boost, would be great for king that have hard time farming base of high lv player for gold 

not great items :slightly_frowning_face: however the only one great its the shoulder who offer gold perk but the rest not sure

It is fine for newer Players. For me, there is nothing needful in the List of Things. I will go for the Gems (even if the Ratio is horrible).

But I`m happy that there is an Event at all. I always liked tht PvE Stuff.  :slight_smile:

Hey at least we get extra medals and gold :slight_smile:

The pro was only thing that prevents the ability to buy stuff. Only participating. 

I even got a raid for 32k gold, really??? Not that I need gold, but that’s really low amount of gold for a single raid.