Pro Gold Rewards

I was thinking about this earlier and we don’t have a Pro Gold reward. This reward could give out a range from 2-5M gold. Of course, it would be rare to get, but if received, it would relieve a lot of stress on gaining gold, which has become harder and harder lately. While we do get a ton of gold from Pro Items, those too are hard to find in chests. Even with these items, I would like to see a Pro Gold reward added to those chests

You realize that with max blacksmith an item worth 1M gives 24 pearls, young man? Well then, a pro item might give 600+ pearls without blacksmith event (worth more than a full treasure room!). I prefer a pro item above 2-5M gold to be honest.

There are players who have everything maxed and don’t need gold.

I would really be disappointed to find pro gold. Also especially since I bet it will happen that treasure room almost is full and exactly then we get that reward. It’s similar with bread, nope, not inside pro chests as reward.

Not sure why you had that first part about pearls. It’s completely unrelated. However, I agree with everything else you said. I do want to point out that it’s extremely rare to find a Pro Item worth 5M Gold. When I find a Pro Item it’ll be about 2.5-3.5M. Occasionally I’ll get 4M, but not that often

Yea interresting,

I’ve never seen a pro item worth more than 3M, so i think the pro gold should be more than 3M.

Gold is scarce too find nowadays…you only get big sum in chests mostly.

Not every player is max lvl with everything maxed and treasure room always full. This is a mistake to base everything on the top players.


I got pro items worth 600+ pearls, so to make it easy for you, 1M represents 25 pearls instead of 24. Such an item costs 24M. So why anybody would be interested in 2-5M gold? Give me the item instead, even an item worth over 200 pearls represents 8M gold.

It’s totally related. I don’t talk about selling an item for gold. That’s not smart, since you gain only 10% of the actual value. To gain 5M gold, an item needs to be worth 50M gold or around 1200 pearls. I never seen such an item worth that much. And when do you usually melt down items worth 200+ pearls? Exactly… during blacksmith event, giving you 3 times the value. I even had items giving me around 2k pearls! So is it smart to convert an item into gold (or replace it with a gold reward)? The answer is no.

Only when you have no other options, only then turn items into gold. When you have options, best is to turn it into pearls. Get just short for an upgrade in terms of gold? Use the technique I described many times, no need to sell an item.

When you don’t need the item, sooner or later it’s converted into pearls. During blacksmith event last time I had a bunch of pro items to convert. With that amount of pearls, I could really do serious forgings due to reduced cool down time. Forged for example my heal ring during a community week up to over 100%. 

What do you do with gold you no longer need? Turn into items? With 2-5M gold , i can get items worth 48-120 pearls. Now do you see why I prefer pro items instead of gold? When everything is maxed, forgings are most important and for that you need pearls. So items worth many pearls is more important then gold.

Need extra gold? Boost your taverns instead.

I understand that gold can be interesting for players that still need to upgrade stuff, but there are enough options to get those. Do watch 4 times a day a video and you have 8 legendary chests in reserve giving you more than 1M each. Then you are already further than halfway. When you aren’t able to get the other gold, your strategy is incorrect or you are in incorrect trophy range. Anyway, I described already many times how to fill treasure room without a problem. So gold isn’t needed in pro chests.

Yep, Gold in pro chest is good for mid level players who need gold, it could be in Bought pro chests from shop because those chests have low chances of items and mostly pearls and food is in them so if there is a chance of gold it will be a good help of players like me ?

When you need gold, it is quite easy to get, you only need time. Remember Rome isn’t build on one day. I tell this for a reason, no need to raid till you are out of bread and expect to have a full treasure room. There are more smart ways. 

First watch at least 4 times a video per day and repeat this on day two, don’t open them, unless they expire! You have 6-8 chests in reserve and the daily chests. I don’t even mention chests from war season, ninja events or conquest.

Make sure you have gold gear or farm gear, at least 4-6 farm items or a lot of gold perk items. Now we start with 6-8 legendary chests, no items to sell and zero gold. Empty your taverns first. Now with full silo plus farms start to raid. Raid till farms are empty and silo is still full. You can also raid till you have 2M and then let the bread restore. When you raid till farms are empty, you will have likely more gold than is protected. The mistake that most make is to be afraid to lose gold. When you are aware that there is a cap on gold that can be stolen and that you need a higher start amount of gold, it’s not that bad to lose some.

Let bread from farms restore, reconnect in 2.5 to 3 hours. Some gold will be stolen, but that’s no problem, goal is to have higher starting point with gold. Now raid again till your farms are empty, but silo is still full. Empty taverns again and use free gold shield. Come back before shield ends. You will have a higher starting point and when you raid now till you have the gold or emptied both farms and silo, you should have already a nice amount of gold. Now the video chests come into play. Open them till you have enough gold for the upgrade or all are opened. Still not enough? Sell the items you got if that will give you the gold you need.

If this system doesn’t give you the gold required for the upgrade, you really have a another problem that you need to solve first. 2-5M gold from a pro chest won’t help you or do you expect to find multiple rewards of that in a chest? Don’t count on it.

If your problem is not getting enough gold per raid, you need to do something else. Then my advice is to drop trophies seriously (1000-1500), stay at that new trophy amount for 5 days and then start raiding for gold in previous trophy range. I can guarantee you to find 500k+ gold raids pretty easy. With farm gear (50- bread per raid) or gold gear, you should already manage to get 15M gold, before even your farms are empty. Only you must fight against bases that you can beat, no need for suicidal raids. 

Been there, done exactly that. So no, there is no need for gold in pro chests.

I don’t think gold is good enough to be on pro chests tho

Currently, pro chests have very valuable rewards, not easy to farm, and useful to all players

  • Pal food
  • Pearls
  • Gems
  • Pro items
  • Tickets

But gold isn’t
We get gold on every raid all the time. Some players don’t even need gold
I can go from ~5.100 to 4.500 trophy range, when I’m trying and insisting on crazy combos, and all bases show me at least 400k gold each, almost all the time

Plus, we already have those free legendary chests every few hours that give like 1M gold each


Here, put your gold gear on and have fun  :grinning:

There is also a Facebook group called “Royal Revolt 2 Open Base” where players share open bases to farm gold,
I used to go there all the time when I needed gold and could not find. It can be very useful

That is right the pro chests have many good thing that you mentioned, but bought pro chests  from shop have mostly pearls and food…

Why on Earth you buy those chests? You better spend those crystals on better pro items that help you to improve raids.

Because those pro chests are too easy to get. I can buy 120 of those If I want. So it makes sense that they have mostly the less valuable rewards

Also, if having mostly pearls and pal food is already bad, imagine getting gold from them

I really like the pearl and pal food rewards. They are very valuable. You and Dena made some good points here, so I’m gonna drop the idea. I don’t think getting gold would be so bad, however, if you think about it, Uber Chests don’t have Gold Rewards either. Why? Because it had much more valuable things to give out!

Oh, I like them too! More pearls and pal food are always welcome, so finding them is always nice  :stuck_out_tongue:
I meant they are bad only in comparison to the rest of the stuff we can find on pro chests, because they are the less valuable rewards from those chests. And gold is less valuable then both


One who have full pro set and don’t need more items…(on earth?), I buy those for a bit Pearls and i won’t mind a bit gold in them…

So you are hero level 130? 

And the answer is no, your hero level is 105. You better would have saved those crystals when your hero did level up more, since then you will get pro items with (much) higher values. May I ask you if you already unlocked all blacksmith slots? If the answer is no, then that should be your priority, don’t waste gems on pro tickets, unlock those slots first.

Without boosts you can get a pearl every 20 seconds, plus 24 pearls per item worth 1M. With those all unlocked and hero level above 110 you could replace your pro items that became obsolete and melt the old ones during a blacksmith event to get many pearls per item.

I would certainly mind to find gold in a pro chest and I bet a lot of players don’t want gold in there.

Fortunately it’s not in there and neither in an uber chest. You had a lot of crystals, let me enlighten you. I have for example pro pauldrons worth 629 pearls when I melt them down, just found in a pro chest. I can sell them for almost 3M. There you go, there is your 2-3M gold. I rather have those pro items, since this item would give me 1887 pearls during a blacksmith event. That’s more worth than 2-3M gold.

Totally agreed with @Dena4, there are a lot of ways to getting gold, it is a bad idea to include gold reward in pro chest.

Okay thanks ?, I don’t use gems for tickets ?

Not a big fan of this idea sorry. Gold are not really hard to get. you must think from now what left in the game the most are veteran who have all maxed. So Pro Gold will be just useless.