Pro guardians?

Will there be pro guardians? 

If not what is the highest guardian rarity?

At the moment it is Uber (with Gaspar)

hope not for one reason only just normal like Donkey broke the game. I win some base that I should not suppose to normally. I can beat 20 level higher than normal. Just cast a army protect them with shield and cast the more often possible Donkey with Firestorm or Sonic Blast and bingo enjoy and destroy all tower with light speed. If you bring Mummy you can reach the gate fast and spawn Mummy with Kaiser the gate don’t resist longer

So if there is a Pro guardian probably good chance RR2 balance will be totally ruined. Winning streak guaranteed. Maybe in future but not now I guess. Not before Flare find a way to balance guardian and offense vs defense

PS : my units and all are all really low in level and I can beat level 97+ close a level 102 with full boost with just Donkey level 2. So think about someone who can level up Donkey at Level 8+ and have all units and spells maxed and forged at +50 how easy beat a base can be