Pro Item perk replacement

@Madlen just spent 50 gems to remove knights boost from zelos gloves hoping for something else but it gave me nothing. Did not see there percentage of chance getting nothing. Hoped for anything but not nothing. Unless there’s a little catch about removing perks from items that I don’t know yet. Appreciate if somebody answered me. Thanks 

And… You clicked gold boost (to enable the forge button) and did really spin? That’s what you have to do to get a new perk.

@Dena4 thanks for reply but perkni removed was on right hand side of pic and when highlighting it comes up as top pics shows 

That’s it was before I got rid  of perk (showing gold as example) so pressed yes and 50 gems gone and rest is a history 

I know. Just try what I tell you, click another perk first, the upper one or lower left one. You need to forge another perk first, similar like getting from legendary to uber to regain that right perk. You paid gems to remove a perk, not to gain another one. For that you really need to forge one of the two others first. 

I didn’t ask you to remove another one, just select one. Don’t hit the x on that perk, just select it! So select No on that question, you don’t want to remove that perk.

Sorry mate ??? on it now

Got it now thanks @Dena4 

post closed and another lesson learned 

No problem, glad I could help.

Thanks Dena4.

Locked per OP’s request.