Pro items with Uber background

I have just received this offer:

And clicking on that “i” button shows the Pro items but with wrong background

take advantage of the bug  ???


I don’t think it has the wrong background.

In fact, it seems more like that’s a worse version of the Pro Omega armor set, thus being uber (red), instead of pro (blue).

Take a look:

I’m 7 levels below you and guess what?

My gloves still have 17% more attack speed, something we wouldn’t expect.

Seriously everyone, don’t buy that offer, that’s much worse than the “real” version.

Thanks, I was not even considering to buy that offer, so I didn’t even notice the stats.

It is indeed weaker! WTH

We pay real money and get items with lower stats?!? 

Guess that’s how much they value our intelligence…

Well it’s a know fact that people will rush to buy the most expensive kraap without a second thought as soon as you slap a big “SALE!” sign on it. Marketing at it’s finest (?).