PRO LEAGUE a new topic?

Not sure why the current pro league discussions were closed? MADLEN? Did you try the current pro league? If so , what was your score? DId you make enough to help your team get the boost?


Previous topic was going off-topic, or so I think… That’s what it’s written in the closing remarks…

Madlen plays alone… There’s nobody in her alliance… She alone can’t possibly get the boost all by herself…

Now that you mention it, I really think the devs and other RR2 faculties too should join the game and play to test the game… They could join Madlen’s force (alliance, i mean)… That way, they will get to participate in events, which will give them better idea of their own game to improvise…

It’s a fun game afterall, why shouldn’t the RR2 staffs have some fun working???:joy::joy::joy::wink::wink::wink:


Hi Kuska,

As Grim correctly said I mentioned it when closing the topic.
Therefore, I am locking this topic since your question about moderation and the title of this topic is answered. As mentioned in the rules, please contact me via PM the next time instead of opening a topic to inquire why a topic was closed.

If you just want to discuss Pro-League scores between you and other players feel free to open a new topic. :slight_smile: