Pro League - against bugged

I made the 9th challenge 100% and showed me so much … and I lost time.



Why can I write only one post a day? massacre!!

This isn’t the only bug in this PL, the Blazing Knights do not attack Traps like they are supposed to when boosted

Only I had such a mistake? no one else?

This is because on your first day in the forums you can only post once, not sure why, but that’s the way it is

Blazing knights need boost 6 to attack traps.

Ah, I see, thanks for the info Dena. I was not aware of this!

well i got almost the same bug but in a different way when  i attack first and get a certain % , then re attack and surpass it for example in my first try i got 36% in my sec i got 50% i’ll not get any extra crystal/pro score  i contacted the support and with all the ignorance in the world they added my missing crystal , but how about the pro score ? and the weekly leaderboard   chest ? they said nothing else … 

maybe they will give back the ticket. or an additional chest - but it’s not fair compared to people who had everything okay - they will have better than us …

i look at the picture and i think about my bad raid last time …


in the usual attack, as if it happened, it is known that the lags on the server … but here I lost time , ticket and gargoyle - although I ended up in the first 80 … but again 3.5min more I could get a better place + one/2 more box.

@KingOfKingsPL, I think you really need to send a support ticket to Flare. They may be able to do something for you

Here’s the link to support:

Be sure to give them the picture that you shared here!

I just can not put a picture and when I paste a link from it while sending it says that the field can not be empty, although it is supplemented …

Do dragons attack traps? it seems at the first levels they attacked, and when traps boosted, there is no


I did not pay attention, but on 10/11/12 they did not attack - the king did little to them, so I skipped

Is anyone going to do something about it ??? I can not send a ticket !!!

Hello KingOfKingsPL,

First of all welcome to the forums, nice that you are here. :slight_smile:

  • To answer your first question, yes on the first day you can only post once. This is to avoid potential spamming.
  • Unfortunately, as mentioned by some other players you need to contact the customer service. They can look into your account more closely. You can submit a ticket via the link below.

Have a good day!

I cabt send ticket…

Hi there,

please write an email here:

Thank you.

This is a fuhakzhing joke. 9 … and now i have only 1140 medals, and 4min… Fkxbskdhsj

10 too… I lost 15min