Pro League - Archer boost not activated

My alliance won the Ascension Archer boost (again) in the recent Icicle Cup pro-league. We had it also active before, and prolonged it up to the end of this pro-league. Now apparently there was a race condition between expiring the old boost, and activating the new boost, and now we don’t have the boost active although we’ve won it in the recent pro-league:

Royal Revolt 2 08.01.2019 13_34_48 (2).jpg

I already filed a support ticket for this, but if any developer is reading here and can fix this for us, it would be highly appreciated. :grinning:

Also, this is not the first time I’ve read about this bug here (but the first time it happened to us), and it would be nice if you could fix that race condition once and for all. :slight_smile:

Alliance name: Glücksritter5


Hi @thomas239,

Thanks for posting that. Is the boost activated now?


Yes, it is activated now. Thank you for your help!