Pro league ban that should not be There.

I’ve been banned from pro league’s just because you guys says I’ve been using multiple account and it breaches the term and conditions .

 So my first question is - If it is illegal to use multiple account then why you give users a feature like that which will ban them .

2nd Q.-  How can  you guys says that i am breaching the terms and services when i only have one account of my own . 

3rd – Why you guys Don’t give replies properly of the complaints . when we are trying to reach you . 

I want my pro rewards back and my pro score too You can’t just pic a guy and ban him from pro league’s just for no Reason .

Banned this cheater

he using dc bug

Whats dc bug i don’t Even know that .

Whats dc bug i don’t even know that for you kind information.

You will never get your pro rewards back from Flare Team and you will not allowed to participate future pro leagues any more because your account is permanently banned by Flare Team. Though you maybe not use multiple accounts, Flare Team still can ban your account due to violation of their Terms of Service which you have agreed to when installing the game. All of these are experience which happen on my friend.


And i think ur the one who’s using the Dc bug . 

They were and are always unfair with players who don’t use money on their game…?


“I don’t know what a DC bug is, but I accuse you of using it”

flare not banned player without reason don’t be fool liar

Please approach the Customer Support once again as such matters cannot be discussed on a  public platform. Also, please keep insults away. :slight_smile: