Pro League Bug on challenge VIII

some peoples got bug During raids on pro league. when you complete attack after finish game show in screen 99% and you lost time!!
now how FG back us time on league?



Please don’t make two topics on the same thing. Just post this in the other thread on the PL Thread. Even though it says level 10 on the topic, it still makes sense to post it there

та же проблема


Thanks a lot for bringing this up. We will make sure to investigate asap. 

So far, it is level VIII and X, is that correct? 

Some also have that problem on 9 and 11

Same issue happen here for me, done challenge VIII with 98 % and the result showing 0 crystals 0 pro scores! And the time is also calculated! So please fix this bug and let us to do challenge IX

happened with me too… Challenge VIII showing 99% and zero crystals and pro score… only time was lost in this one


The day started good but the same problem at Level IX brought some disappointment…

Hey everybody, 

Thanks for your feedback - much appreciated. As mentioned earlier, we are on the case. 

Could you please also submit a ticket about it to the Customer Support, it would really help us:


same to me on challenge x

same to me on challenge 7. and insta mortars was spawned many times without press on it???

I have that bug in challenge 8. I took 3 min and 37 s to destroy all the towers and the gate. Then the system showed 99%, 0 pro points and 0 pro crystals. And time is subtracted.

I participated in all Pro League seasons since “Dragon cup” and I didn’t find any bug.

And I cannot reach challenge 9.

@ArchimedesI already send a ticket to the customer support and still it is not fixed! still at challenge VIII and the pro league will over at anytime, so give compensation to the players who’s facing this issue

What about alliance scorings that might be affected by multiple bugged players. Or mute players that also might affect the total alliance scorings?

Alliances will have lower level pro boosts.

I don’t continue “Easter cup” if Flaregames will not fix bugs.

@Archimedes @GalaMorgane There’s lot of players stop playing the challenge when they seen this bug! So everyone was waiting for your reply, but now the Easter cup is over! We have to get some compensation!!!

Hello there,

I replied to another thread mentioning this topic just here :

This is why most of the time it’s best not to open multiple threads speaking about the same thing but only have one where everybody can add their reply and I can just come in and inform everyone at once of what is going on.

We are aware of the incident and are asking people who got affected with the PL issue to contact customer support here:

Many thanks,