Pro league buged again

I was almost done with my pro league now looks like that 

Hello here,

I just checked with the Devs and it seems to be only a display bug. Can you turn off the App for a few minutes and turn it on again to see if it fix the problem please?

Many thanks,


I  contacted flaregames under the ticket number 112921 there is one 


Ok - But did you actually tried what I recommended you to do? AKA, closing the game down few minutes and opening it again?



issue is the same for me as well

I have the same issue. The score was on my leaderboards but after I logged back into the game after aprox 30 min, my score is gone from both current and monthly leaderboard, however it is still visible on the alliance leaderboard. 

Restarting thw game didn’t change anything.

Edit: my score is visible for others, also for me from another device. 

In my pro league tbm happened this, leave the score and closed the pro league and opened again and went play (challengeVIII) I concluded it plus the server disconnected.

Ign:MP Boladão 

Same problem at me.bug or ?..i can see montly rank but not for this week. Ign irfan castle.

It happened  to me again.  Seems like just a visual bug as Gala mentioned, nothing to worry about but it’s just annoying. Hope it can get fixed soon.

Gala, let’s not be stupid, okay. It’s really frustrating to not be able to see the leaderboard and here’s why. (This is from my view) I really need to see what the top players got in order to know what to expect. In some PL’s the top players have 2000-2100 lions, but in others they have 1100-1300. It tells me whether it’s easy or hard. It’s not a big deal for me, now that I’ve finished the PL, and it definitely is a visual bug. Still though, it’s very annoying

Come on man, take it easy…

I know it’s frustrating because I also had that bug a few hours ago, but she’s only trying to help us here.

At least in my case it’s already showing my position again.

Thanks Gala.