pro league bugs

Magic magic not working correctly

randomly troops are being converted but still attacking my troops 

yeap ghost monks killing necros…

I mean seriously… whats going on?

You forgot to ask @GalaMorgane plus @FTB.

If there is some bug like this, please can there be taken care off fast and eventual problems be solved? Otherwise nobody will come pretty far. 

Black magic converts the closest troops to your king, it’s not random.

He @oPelle, Whatsa means that the troops still are acting like enemies and raid his own troops. (His Necros and skeletons are attacked by converted ghost troops)

About the randomness, you are totally correct.

I would have included them Dena but it seems there is little interest from their end.

I was more curious to see if anyone else had it occur.  I get odd things can occur and not always a easily repeatable bug.

I can go a whole week without the freeze in fight and then get it twice in a row in 5 minutes…


Anyway, I have given up on them… anything outside their preferred items of engagement falls neatly into the a##hole policy so 

I guess it just a convenient label for the too hard basket or lazy … i guess it works for both?

Freeze is quite easy to reproduce on my tablet. (They can buy a Microsoft surface Pro Tablet).

Just connect to the game and whatever you do, it doesn’t matter. Within 5-10 minutes the bug occurs. Even just checking eventviewer will give the exact reason. 

There seems to be indeed less interest from Flare their side, at least that’s the impression they give us. And that’s too bad, with a little bit more effort, they would keep the players happy. 

The funny thing here is I referenced the policy and was going to post a copy of it to show how militant they are about it…

but I was afraid I would break the TOS if I posted that language …even though they wrote it.