Pro league ~ change ally?

What happened with the coins when you change ally ?  Are they staying i  the ally you won them, or are they go with you to the other ally.  I mean pro league coins.

We know what happens with ninja coins.

Can you unlock only 1 pro boost or more ?

you take all your “lions” with you to another alliance


It should be like in Ninja. All the „lions“ (thanks for the word ?) earned in one Alliance should stay there.

I already see people switching to help out other alliances in reaching their goals.

I like idea this scores will go with player.

i dnt know who cant get 40000 frommiddle and top allainces. So its fine i think, but i dnt like so low level. Better is 100000 max 

The professional league score(lion) is not yet complete to the allied one until the end of the period.

When the player withdraws, that score (lion )will move together, he will be added as he comes back.

It is a different system from the ninja coin :ph34r:

Actually scores remain where earned, only thing the player who left, his total is not displayed.

Does it matter? At the moment the boosts are activated (one moment in time) you belong to a certain alliance (or not when you have none). At that moment your lions are belonging to a team at moment of evaluation. When that team has enough lions a boost will be activated. 

It won’t matter that you go to team B after activation, your ‘lions’ have been used for team A. Flare definitely won’t say. Oohhh you don’t belong to time A any longer, so team A doesn’t get the pro boost. and also not, now you belong to team B, so they get the boost now. All that matters is moment when the boost will be activated. When you switch before that activation, the new team will get your ‘lions’, when you switch after the activation, your previous team benefits from it.


Is this confirmed?

Seems to be overly complicated…

But knowing Flare, this very well could be their solution to handle it. Sometimes I think they just want to keep us busy. :slightly_frowning_face:

If you count scores of the members present at a moment, you see it’s same as indicated score.  So left members scores are not count

I think if they do it different, it will be too complicated. but indeed, can it be confirmed or else be described how it really works?

Why would you change alliances in the middle is a better question.  :stuck_out_tongue: . As @KKStar the player’s score remains with the alliance, but is not given credit for the “lions”

This is not the case. We had level 3 paladin then kicked someone who took over 1k with them. The progress base dipped below the level 3 threshold and said we were 1k away from getting level 3 paladin. Hope this helps.

Hmm, that’s interesting. Did you report a ticket to flaregames support. It’s likely that this is a bug. From what I’ve seen here the “lion” coins should stay in the alliance. I think if you send a ticket to support you’ll be able to get that back

Well you are clowns and chatterboxes
To claim compensation for lions for the player you kicked out yourself?

just read the first answer

Good point, if the player left on his own free will then the alliance should be compensated, but you are right, not if they are kicked out

I see it as a subtotal, since the pro boosts aren’t yet rewarded. As long as that isn’t the case, players joining plus leaving can influence the subtotal.

As soon as rewards are given, at that exact moment it matters who is in your team and scored ‘lions’.  Otherwise it would be a very complex story and strange situations. A player leaving could inactivate a boost, while that boost is prolonged with gold and a joining player could activate it. That’s not likely to happen. 

I am guessing, but it is most logical thing. After Pro league on Thursday, when the pro rewards are given, then also it matters that players with ‘lions’ are inside your team. The boosts will be rewarded then most likely based on your subtotal at that exact moment. So boost plus level probably will be determined at that moment. 

To answer the question, when a player leaves before the reward will be given, he did it by free will, so why to ask for compensation? It’s not flare their fault that a player voluntary left. 

I can confirm this is correct. Someone left our alliance and we lost his ~1000 pro points.

This is a big problem. Flaregames should change this to be more like the ninja events. The coins that that player earned during his time in that alliance should stay. No extra should come when he enters, and none should leave after exiting

If you reach the level 3 of a pro boost for example, at the end of the pro league this level will be locked. You can’t downgrade or upgrade it after the pro league ends, you can just prolong the boost until you can win it again. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response @FTB