Pro League changing spells bug!

So, this happened when I was switching spells positions for current Pro-League:

  Hammerstrike got replaced by Toxic Cloud!

And then after switching a few more times, it happened again:

 now Shield spell gone, Stun spell replacing it!

It kept changing to some other spells, Heal, Firestorm…
then I managed to get Shield, Swordrain and Hammerstrike again so I stopped switching and did the rest od my raids.

Don’t know how long this has been happening, maybe that’s the reason why some players seem to score way higher than the average?

This is a know bug, I saw it being reported in the past but I believe it is just a visual bug and even though you see toxic there it would act like the original spell that was supposed to be there. At least I hope :wink:

It’s not just a visual bug.

When it happened to me I ended up with 2 Shields (only 1 of them would actually work). Costumer Support did nothing to help, gave no compensation and didn’t give any acceptable answer (just the usual “its a bug thank you for reporting”).

This is the original thread that I posted and found the bug too. 

OP is right, it is not just a visual bug but puts you at a significant disadvantage in the pro league and can mess it up completely. I got a pro ticket for compensation, but it wasn’t worth it messing up my monthly results.

Disappointed that they haven’t fixed the bug with update 4.0. Now I just don’t risk changing spells.

Wait, what ?‘So we can really change spells and raid with what we want ?! And it still hasn’t been fixed ?!’ What the hell

I guess the OP has just revealed the hackers secret  :slight_smile:

Believe me, I tried really hard to lose the 2nd shield but I couldn’t. I must have tried 100 times. It would not change back to the apropriate setup.

So yea, you can try to do that and hope you get lucky.

Oh, I forgot to post this one! I managed to get duplicated spells too while I was trying to get back to the Pro-League’s right combo! 



It happened with other spells too.

Was very easy to reproduce, and at least for me not hard to change back to 3 different spells too, just kept switching positions.

I do not have the right to monitor the progress of my alliance if I do not participate in the league? @Madlen

Last pro league is finished. There is no ongoing pro league busy at this time, so there is nothing to monitor.

As in the screenshot, next pro league starts in 2 days and 16 hours from when the picture was taken.