Pro league chest / rewards

I’am looking  for some time …

Pro league rewards are bul****it  i dont understands  what suprem itens have to search  on pro league chests… 

And i cant believe too someone people spend 700 gems every weeks , to buy one pro ticket and flare by  rewarding the player in 10 chests became 10k crystals , no pro itens just suprem itens or pals food thats really not ok .

For suprem itens i can buy directly  from chests storage, and i save me more gems.

I think i am not the only one sad about that . And flaregames need to think better about it. 




i think there are enough pro items, but i hate to get sword of apollon for example already the 5th time whereas i didn’t get any probper robe yet (got just gold ones…)

I find it maddening that the items I’ve been after have never rotated through the shop and it’s months between shop rotations. The current shop items are mostly XP items. I wish they would rotate every week.

rewards from pro chests are so much different .its about 4month I am searching for heal aura ring but I didn’t find it,and allways got some duplicate items…

but for me crystal and peals rewards are more important than items. with crystal you can bought pro pals and donate them alliance and peals are important to forge everything.

and don’t forget you can find tickets in chest sometimes so don’t need bought tickets every week by spending gems.

Be in right allaince and you will never need tickets??

Which items?

If I’m not mistaken the only relevant pro items that haven’t yet been in the shop are the heal aura ring and the speed axe and both of them have similar uber items, so that’s not too bad.

Maybe the omega sword (start morale + troop speed during scream) too, but I can’t remember if it was sold in the first ever pro shop.

Heal aura ring and omega sword. I have the diamond ring but want all PL items for the bonuses, so don’t want to perk up this uber ring. 

I may have missed the Omega helmet the first time through the shop.

I guess I’m just whining, it’s not a big deal. But if that’s the case, just rotate them through weekly so if we miss an item we’re not left waiting a year.

I may have forgotten that one. Was that in the shop already? I can’t remember. It is a really good pro item with no similar uber so if it hasn’t been in the shop yet I’m hoping it’ll be there in the next one.

Don’t worry, you’re not whining. Most of us also want an higher rotation of items.