pro league crash

please help me  . my in game name of royal revolt 2 is Shivam the lord. I took part in magma cup pro league. today just some minutes ago when I was fighting challenge 11th game crashed suddenly and when I relogin it showed only 25 pro medals but I was near to the gate and 28 seconds was remaining .my 4 minutes wasted in it and game crashed. got only 25 pro medals. it’s not good. please give me my 4 minutes back in pro league or give me atleast 200 pro medals.i was going to be a top player of pro league but this game crashing wasted score is 1527 and if game wouldn’t have crashed my score will be above 1740 and I would be at top.

@GalaMorgane @flaretara

@shivam6 the best thing for flare to do is to give you 4 minutes back. They won’t risk giving you your 200 medals back, as it is possible you did not earn that many. I believe you, but flaregames takes strict precautions

I would he happy with flares services if they gives me 4 minutes back but flares team didn’t even replied to my complaint from 2 days