Pro-League - Friday 23th of August 2018

Hi guys,

the Phoenix cup will start tomorrow.

(This time for real :grinning:

Awesome?,Flaregame is doing great job for us.I like it?

Really? All official announcements can be commented by us?

It’s good to be able to give feedback on the balancing threads but…

It definitely isn’t on all announcements.

Too much spam.

Hmm, there are usually new threads in “General Discussion” for almost every announcement.
I do not mind discussing it under the announcement…
The only problem is that it looks like there are new announcements all the time due to the new comments.

Is it the same pro shop?

I will think about a way with the comments. I do see it is a problem posts may pop up more, however, I also think it is better to have the comments under the announcements directly. I will think about it :slight_smile:

But I agree this thread is now closed :).