Pro-League - Friday 8th, December

Again hummer spell in pro!?

In 21 pro league with spells (one was without spells) this is 10 time with hummerstrike spell. Its enough for some time…

Has there been a Pro League with the Pal Flute yet? I heard that they have pals in the Leagues now, so just wondering

Is it holy or unholy paladin in pro? 

It is written holy but look like unholy…

It’s holy 

I don’t think Flaregames will make the Pro Boosts in the Pro Leagues, because that would sorta ruin the point of getting them. I think they’re meant to exist only outside of the Leagues

Yes its holy paladin but on picture in my pro league looks like unholy.

Wow, there’s a lot of mess ups going over at flare right now