Pro league frustrating and desesperating


sorry to tell you that but i really hate the pro league event and i dont think im alone. I understant that if it’s too esay there’s no pleasure but i’ve never complete this event and i dont think i ll can one day.

I really really love this game but if it wasn’t necessary i can assure you that i wouldn’t play pro league.

Hope you can understand and except that RR2 is a really a good game, i’ve never played any game so long time


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You don’t need to perform that well… just always participate. 

Usually 10 first levels are easy and you will get alot of crystals even if you don’t get a high placement. Save them up and wait for good pro items to show up in store. Dont waste crystals on the chests 

You are not ‘supposed’ to complete it.

I’m level 81 now, it’s my second time doing a pro league and I can only get about 7 stages done (as in destroying the gate) :slight_smile:

I’m aware of the fact my skill & understanding of aspects of battling are lacking however I’m content with my current progress as I realise I’m a noob in the learning process.

Of course while leveling up & unlocking new stuff, the player’s perspective of raiding should change.

I can think of a simple example (I still may be wrong in this example, please correct me if I am) : e.g. when your firestorm can reach firebolt towers on the neighbouring lane this spell probably suddenly becomes almost a new spell to you and to the defender. Then you should start thinking in the defender’s shoes. As a defender at that trophy level you’d probably avoid placing FB towers on a straight lane without placing barriers on the other lane to stop one firestorm KO all FB towers (whereas on lower levels you could do that to cover your enemy under fire 100% of the time on the other lane while they deal with snake towers for example… so the dynamics of the game change totally: as a defender you need to re-design the whole base and as an attacker you’ll face more possibilities.

As the defender’s game has changed,  so has the attackers, vice versa.

Also, before reaching those high levels, I guess a lot of players would only focus their resources on very few units & spells to enhance the most important part of the game : the offence. However that would mean they (we :lol:) have very limited experience in using the other units & spells hence are only experiencing a limited proportion of the rr2 game.

As a result we are probably reasonably ignorant and inexperienced with a lot of the game play, hence there’s no reason why we would do as well as those rr2 veterans.

in short, don’t be frustrated. Doing pro league while being noobs is like go to an university exam with primary school knowledge. So don’t worry about it, the game still allows you to receive substantial rewards and accumulate them to get strong equipment (pro gears) :slight_smile:

Also, you could watch YouTube videos on how to pass all 12 stages, normally there are people releasing playthroughs in the first day or two whenever a new league comes out (or if they rotate you can find old ones) :slight_smile:

I don’t watch those, but they should be very helpful, just search on YouTube, a few people do these.

I don’t like most of pro events - They don’t make me feel interesting or exciting. But like what Macamus said there is no need to be No.1 If I like the combo I’ll try to get into top 500. Otherwise I just finish 1 or 2 battle to have 1000 crystals and not feeling too bad.

Maybe you re right guys, but what’s the interest of an event i think i ll never be able to finish ? Personnaly for me none that’s what i’ll never spent any gems or real money to buy pro tickets .

Another time and sorry for that but in my opinion very bad  event this pro league

Don’t feel bad I’m at 106 and get blasted around level 6 or 7 then just get as far as I can with rest. I am free player and just play the last week of the month to get the 2 chests and keep building the crystals until something worth while shows up in the shop. Trying new system now, see if get any more value from it. It would be nice if it was set up like the festivals  or ninja where you can build your ability up.

But in the pro everyone have same stats of troops and spells. So rookie and veteran have same chances. Even rookie have more chances cuz mostly veterans cant play without strong boosts.

It’s nice remembering the days when a mortar fired and you knew you were dead about 5 seconds in advance, because the “hit” was calculated when the unit fired, not when and where it landed graphically, so the king was guaranteed to be poisoned :slight_smile:

I don’t think that’s true at all. Veterans should be able to score better, even in PLs without boosts.

Veterans have had the time to play with more combos, troops and spells over time. Most rookies don’t even have every troop and spell (and even if they do, they’re not maxed).


This doesn’t mean that low level players (lets say below lvl100) can’t score well in PL. They absolutely can. I just don’t believe that any low level player can regularly make top100, let alone top5-10 as we usually see.

We all know what’s going on in PL. Lets not be naive.

Most of those lower level guys are secondary accounts which flaregames for some reason can’t detect

Not agree at all

im absolutly sure many pro combos veterans used like 2 years ago

like unboosted stuff or arbs or like this

that was my point


Of course. Some of those are painfully obvious secondary accounts.

That’s the whole point: to see who’s a more skilful player, rather than how well you can keep your boosts up 24/7 :slight_smile:

No, i think its a different story) every tier of game need different combos)

So…what’s wrong with testing players’ skills? You are not explaining why doing your way is better tho

Nothing wrong

i just explain that everyone in pro have same set) so no matter if you rookie or veteran.


Yeh that’s the point :slight_smile:

But veterans are more likely to do better, since they are more experienced. I still don’t get why you say rookies are at an advantage

Check me- i cant raid unboosted troops, i forget how to do this.

but rookie doing it wvery day

thats why they have an advantage)

But rookies aren’t as familiar with the mechanics as you: some of us haven’t even unlocked some of the spells + troops - we’ve never played them, we aren’t familiar with spell ranges (e.g. I always use the first 1 or 2 pro battles to get a feeling of how far each spell can reach, figures in raid preview don’t help rookies as much as they do to you, rookies are less used to the set ups/arrangements of those high level / high range towers combined with units, we rookies are not familiar with different spell combos and unit combos because we need to allocate our gold and pearls to our main attacking spells & units which are extremely limited whereas veterans have tried out different combos etc.

Mighty cromka should do better :grinning: