PRO-League GEAR for Sale

I was thinking of some special offers for each PRO League. They might sell the GEAR which is used in the PRO-League for a special price like 3€ or so.

What do you think?

Thanks for opening a thread here. Bumping this topic, let’s see what the others think.

Hmm, when I saw the topic header, I was expecting something more like, “GET 20% off” on the CRYSTAL prices. I don’t want to have to spend money to get a good deal on Pro Items. I think treating the Pro Shop like an actual shop would be quite fun. Every other weeks a certain set should go on sale for 20%-30% off the price that it costs. That would be really fun for players who save their crystals!

I dont mean the PRO Items. I mean the gear, the king wears when participating in the PRO-League. For example the Warhammerhead, Ogre Pauldrons, Rabbit-Armor and so (from the current League).

Sounded interesting at first,
but the gears on Pro League are usually very weak, why would you want to buy them? 

I just can’t remember any set that felt powerful enough to make me want to buy it, or even try to copy it. They are never powerful or strong, just decent at best.

They are just as weak as the King is because this depends on the Level. It might not be helpful for Players like me or you but for newer Players it possibly is.