pro league hackers detected please banned

flare game we know players how to got max score in pro league please banned this cheaters I can show u more info 
@GalaMorgane @Archimedes @FTB

The mostafaxx But flare do nothing. If flare kick all the cheaters RR 2 can Close 

RL cheater clan.



Very sad Tranny) 

Sad they are still here but not all now??

I Show you now more Hackers 

Its seems waste from one side

another side im not care about many accounts. Why not

if you mean about having multiple accounts, that is not the problem, the problem is cheating, beating bases perfectly, i mean the last one, using hack or whatever they use.

About the screenshot seem they cheat yeah. At low level its impossible to have Throne Room 10. Not at 36 and 43. For 67 I don’t know its possible but i am at 73 and i have a Throne Room 9. I wait my Treasury Chamber level 11 to finish. 2 of 3 sure.On my ipad i have a 59 and Throne Room 9.

maybe possible if they gain gold only via Taverns and don’t do any fight but not sure. No one is crazy enough to do 1 upgrade a month. At this speed you will need 5 years to up Throne Room 10 or they know tricks we don’t know about build really fast at low level.

or they like waste money to buy gold and do all upgrades like this but i doubt. No one is crazy enough to spend over 1000$-5000$ just to build faster without any raids. Maybe?

Edit : I have check them. sk0R hard to see. He have remove his tower enough smart. About GDD7TV he have 12 towers. So he cheat. To have Throne Room 10 you need Castle Gate at 10. that give 15. So at 12 he have a Castle Gate Level 7. He cannot build more than a Throne Room 8

what strange is have 1-2 Stars only? Gold league and Platinum are easy. At least gain 4 Stars. they are not subtle. too much hint they cheat

Hack is the problem, no doubts!

but many accounts - for me!! Not

btw i have only one account and think everyone who have more- crazy

yep that i meant, and im with you, i only have one acc too.

This guy is my Favorit 

Now the Best Hacker ?


these are secondary accounts for sure, but what evidence do you have any of them are hacking?

you can get level 10 throne room easily within 2 months if you know what you are doing.
maybe even in a month if you plan everything out.

RR2 still alive and kicking! Warms my heart.