Pro League improvements

Idea 1.

What do you think about having the regular pets available in pro store for purchase with crystals?

I don’t think it changes the bulk needs that the offers do for getting more pets for beast boost but would offer a way to get a pet.

I have never fully understood the preoccupation of Flare for the gambling mentality. 

I see its value as a value added scenario… you could get it for free or randomly in a purchase but its a strategy game that’s what people love not the tittering imbecile approach to gaming. 

I am not saying they need to be cheap they could be the same price as the cheapest pro pal. But it then makes Pro league a core feature of the game which lets be honest is PAY…So I am not asking to wreck the pay model but to offer a vehicle for buying pals for both free players( obviously not easy but a option) and PAY. Many teams are buying pro pals for the beast this offers a similar mechanism for regular pals would make sense also. It is naturally limited by participation and adds another level to your strategy in spending crystals.

Idea 2.

The equipment offered to buy needs to be  expanded and rotated more frequently.

Ideally I think a different set each week (5 sets) then If you miss a opportunity in a month it comes around again.

I don’t think there is any benefit to scarcity and purchase is not possible in gems so its purely earned crystals for the desired items.

Rotating creates interest as its new each week…

Also since the start which  had omega vest I have not seen it again? will I have to wait a year to have a opportunity? More likely I will get bored with PRO league as the things I like or want I cannot get. So eventhough I spend 1800 gems a month on PRO I cannot buy the things I like in any reasonable timeframe? Luck is best left for silly inconsequential items. (I believe it is a strategy game?)


Maybe one column for pets fairly stagnant and 3 column (9 items) of gear so the equivalent of a set of gear. ( the quick fix is just update what you offer weekly)

Your post isn’t word wrapping for me for some reason and I can’t really read it. The hell?

For me as well

Here ya go

weird… fine for me…

It’s a foreshadowing of flare’s/rr2’s demise.

Well hope its wasn’t a complete waste of my time… rebit… chirp… yawn.