Pro league is a big disapointment

A long time ago we (forum members) asked for an event where all can compete against each other to see who the best in the world of RR2 is. Flare listened to that discussions and gave us the pro-league event - and many players are very passionate about it - even when it is apparent that there are many cheaters.

First - I never liked the way the pro-event was designed.

Second - I am not a pro-player and 

Last - I was not really interested in playing the pro-league until now.

I will agree with @Dena4 and say that I am also not a good raider in RR2. I think, I will never play the pro-league again. I do have a few questions that should highlight my concerns:

  1. Why is the game interface second rate? (If Flare took the time to reinvent the game interface, why do such a bad job with it. There are many request on the forum asking for normal game play features)

  2. Why is there only 2 troops available? (Normal game-play is with 3 troops. Being the best with 2 troops to me - does not mean anything)

  3. Why can the troops and spells not be upgraded during the game-play? (Give some gold during play that can be used for troop / spell upgrade. The best player is not only about who has the fastest reflexes, but also who can think strategically the best)

  4. Why is the game-play “easy,” “easy,” “easy,” “easy,” and then suddenly “impossible”?  (Although I am not a pro-player, it would be good to have the league to gradually increase in difficulty. My only impression now is that the whole event is only for the few fast reflex players - and definitely not for me)


AND lastly - to all players that do good in the pro league (and do not cheat) - you do have my respect - you really are good and awesome!

Yepppp… that’s not me then

pretty crap maybe due to spell / troops combination or maybe that I don’t cheat … mind blowing 

Most of the top scorers are those who have a second account and I have also heard that people are asking their friends to play on their behalf as they are good Pro Players so Pro League is not so Pro now.