Pro league is too long, or is it?

Since the league lasts for so long, all these wise, abusing ( can’t really call it an abuse because you made this possible) players who have multiple accounts have plenty of time to try out the league and then during the last days they know the levels and what to expect. Let’s say, simply the great players (me) play it once and get position 50. After 5 days and many attempts from these players who are more familiar with these levels than flare games, have gained positions all over the top 10 and top 50, moving scrubs like me who can only have time for 1 account, to around rank 200- to a point where it’s even irrelevant to have joined in the league. 

Shorter pro leagues or slightly different levels for players? What you people think?


I wonder how flare will be addind extra minutes for botched leagues if the entire league is only an hour long, instead of several days. :stuck_out_tongue:

Reducing the time might be a possible solution, but giving players different bases is the worst idea. How can you guarentee that every base is equally strong or weak if players get different bases. Going with this idea brings a whole different mess, than there already is. By implementing this idea you would potentially give people that have way easier bases the chance to monopolize the top spots. Getting there because you had an easier base and not because of your skill, is not the point of the pro league.

The rules of the pro leagues are fair and absolutely understandable. However, multi accounting is the thing that destroys it, not the rules and the overall framework.

The only thing flare has to do is to enforce the rules of the pro league. No more bug abuses, no more multi accounts and no more account sharing. If they could somehow manage to fix all this the pro league as it is would be a well thought out idea.

It is right that pro league is too long if the players are waiting for other players had finished the pro league and they just start their schedule of pro league. It is not sure that they will exceed the players who had finished their pro league, but that still not fair because they can watch video from other players who had finished and know details of the pro league. So I think it may be fair that the score of the pro league is counted according to the time of the player participating pro league, and the multiplier which counts the score of the pro league will decrease with time. Make example I participated the pro league when it just held, and John participated the pro league after me six hours, my score of the pro league is calculated with a multiplier of 1, and his score of the pro league is calculated with a multiplier of 0.94. This should be fair if the player intend to participate the pro league few hours before the end, they will not have advantages if they do this.

@DonSan While it’s a good idea, it isn’t perfect because it assumes everyone start the league at the exact same time, with no regard for timezones or personal schedules. It would indeed be a good countermeasure to “waiters” but it would hurt a lot of innocent players who simply didn’t start their pro run early enough for whatever reason. But at least it’s something to consider and work on (like the multiplier starts dropping after 24 hours, giving everyone a chance to fit half an hour of league into their schedule before they’re penalized for procrastinating).


On another note, I never watch league walkthroughs (I don’t have enough internet to waste on that :stuck_out_tongue: ). It may be one of the reasons why I suck at pro so bad but I wonder if I’m a minority, going in blind every time.

What does it matter when someone completely his pro league runs?

It doesn’t. Why should you be rewarded with a better multiplier than someone who did his runs later? Both of you have 35 minutes and both of you have the same set up.

All the people complaining about this fail to see that it is none but their own fault. If you happen to Score 1000 in 35 minutes and and someone else gets 1100 in exactly 35 minutes as you do he clearly deserves to rank higher.

The only thing I See right now is people trying to bend rules in their favor, because they try to compensate for their own Lack of skill (people in favor of that multiplier)

No. I do not try to bend the rules because of my lack of skills. I have experience about this. I played the pro league, reaching rank 80. Then, i played the same pro league with my friend’s account, reaching rank 3, because i knew what to expect. This is not fair to you or anyone else who has to stick with 1 try.


The multiplier idea does have potential, but it should have some special rules to be, again, fair for everyone.

From 80th to 3rd for a second try? WOW, you’re really good raider.

I wish I can play like that, because I already watched videos from youtube regarding current pro league, but nothing changed that much. Pro league still difficult to me. ?

Sorry but your Argument is all over the place.

Don’t you see the point? You raided better on your second try, therefore more points and therefore a better ranking. (Not including the fact that you had 2 tries).

So now Imagine 2 different players doing what you did.

Player B got rank 3 because he raised better and A only rank 80 because he was outperformed. So would it be fair for B to get a multiplier Penalty, just because he raided better? Of course not, he deserves his spot.

And honestly, your Argument takes into account the very fact that using Multi Accounting gave you the edge. So you truly imply that all high ranked players should be penalized because they potentially have Multi accounts?

In what World would giving different multipliers contribute to a fair game, if FG would just get their asses together to just do something about this Multi, Shared accounts, but and Glitch abuses the pro league would be solid. The rules are absolutely fair as it is.

This multiplier idea is the very opposite of a fair game. Rules apply to all particpants. They Score better so they should be rewarded appropriatly.

Imagine this, a Marathon Runner Age 60 gets a different set of rules just because he is older than a Runner Age 25. The very opposite of Fairness. All paticipants are subjects to the same rules, period. The moment you give preferential treatment a competition is no longer fair.

The very idea of the pro league is to who performes the best under the same circumstances.

My point is, the Concept is absolutely alright. The only thing that is Messing it up is us, the player base that just can’t Stop Cheating at every opportunity we get and Flare Games incompetency to stop us from doing so.

Thanks for your opinion

Pro Leagues have a duration of 6 days (i.e. 144 hours). That penalty is too heavy, and players cannot have negative scores.