Pro League join deadline?

Hello all, I had 10 hours left in the current pro league, but it wouldn’t let me join.  I have 3 tickets available, so that isn’t the case.  Is there some kind of deadline as to which you have to join before or you don’t get to play?  I’d figure 10 hours is plenty to get my 35 minutes in… ?

yes, there is deadline.People can join until 18:00 UTC on Monday.

thanks, Only4.  How many hours before the end of the event though?


Pro-league ends at 12 UTC on tuesday, so it should be 18 hours before the end of the event.

If you know for sure you are going to finish Pro League but may be running short of time, I always start Pro a day or two early and then finish when time allows before it ends.  Many times I am too busy, start Pro early, and then finish during the last few hours of the event.

Thanks, Only4- that’s what I was looking for.  Why is there a deadline on it anyway?  There’s already a countdown timer and if we have 35 minutes and 1 second left in the event, we should be able join!  i understand the deadline in wars and conquest, but you can start ninjas at any time, festivals, etc.  Why not Pro League?  I try to play when i can, but I’m not always  able sometimes til the last day- but when I get home from work with 10 hours left thinking i had time only to find put I DIDN’T…  bit of a let down, ya know.  Maybe something I should put in the Flare Suggestion Box? 

Happy fightin’, y’all


yes there is a deadline , however once you have joined you will have the right to fight until the rewards are given , i’m not sure why there is a deadline but my answer will go for : to prevent cheating it is the only reasonable answer i can think of , my advice will be try to login before that deadline and join it after that you have till they payout rewards to fight 

yeah, I understand that… but, sometimes I WANT to play but end up having to deal with things in the real world that end up taking me away from being able to play the pro before it expires.  If I used a ticket and hoped I had the time to play later, but ended up NOT being able to, it would be a wasted ticket and have to wait another month to get another one. In THIS case, I wasn’t sure I’d have the time, but I DID, so I tried to play but it was past the deadline.   The 18 hour cutoff helps a lot knowing that now.   

Thanks for all the answers.