Pro League Monthly Leaderboard puntuation.

Another PL related new bug, ¿Will this ever work properly?.. Anyway, I just finished my raids in the PL and when I was going to check my final classifications I notice that I was at 1182 position in the Monthly Leaderboard, I found it very strange because in last week PL I was around the top 150, and In this one I am around 175 so when I opened the leaderboard to check It I found this:

Not only I don’t have my last week score added but apparently I am and “unknown” player… Further, checking the leaderboard, I found out a lot of “<unknown>” people… ¿What’s going on?

My PL screen does the same thing with me being “unknown”. 

I’m on Windows 10


Hello? Anyone know something @Nikko @FTB@GalaMorgane? Will this be fixed before the month ends? We will lose this week score?

That’s really unfortunate. You should send a ticket to support as well and wait for an answer tomorrow, FG is not working on the weekends. Good luck though!

Yes I had this happen also, although it wasn’t me that was labeled “Unknown.” It was a player 3 spaces above me in the Monthly Leaderboard. I clicked info and saw that his IGN was not <unknown> but “Sexy_Machine”

This new update has really brought some problems

That’s the problem and That’s why I put It here because I know this is affecting a lot of people. Of course we all can send a ticket to FG althought It’s looks like they don’t care anyway.

Here. Monthly leaderboard there are 3 players with this

Well at least these people have the score of the two weeks, in mi case It only shows the score that I’ve got this week.

Now I can see my name properly on the Leaderboard but I do not have my score yet. They’ve answered the ticket I opened on Monday, and someone also contact me by PM so they are working on the problem. Just for inform to everyone who is having this problem :grinning: .

Hi once more, they contact me again and this time I’ve the rigth score  :wink: . I hope the rest of you have it solved too. 

@GalaMorgane For my part you can close this thread,Thanks!.

No problem