Pro-League: Multi accounts issue

While you are working to solve the exploit of using multiple accounts to farm Pro-Tickets, what about also fixing the issue of multiple accounts used to train Pro-League levels before going with main account already knowing what to do to score higher and higher than before?

This is a post from 5 months ago! Seems like such a good and easy solution to that issue, why it’s not there yet?:


Current problem is - many players are playing with several accounts, and FG would never be able to trach them all. Only actual fix - remove the time for the levels. Let players repeat them as much as they want. At least this way everyone would be in the same boat, and yeah - time invested would play it’s role, but it’s still playing it’s role now anyway. Players are watching videos/playing on some extra accounts, while trying some specific levels there, so, accounts remain low and it’s undetectable. All those in top are the players who invested MUCH more than 35 minutes into the pro-league (there are always some exceptions, but majority is like that for sure)."