Pro League - not all pro chests are created equal

This is something I’ve noticed from my own PL rewards and other’s as well.


  1. For the last 2 monthly PLs I did not score that well in PL since I averaged between 120th and 350th weekly (maybe only a couple top80-100 I believe), but still good enough to be rewarded with 2 pro chests every single week without fail.

While I got a few items, I’d say the vast majority were uber items, not pro items. I believe I got less than 1 pro item on average per week (at one time I went at least 3 straight weeks without a single pro item).

  1. I did very well this week. I was rewarded 7 pro chests, which gave me 11 pro items. So that’s an average of almost 2 pro items per pro chest. I got 0 uber items.

An alliance member did even better and got 10 pro chests, which gave him 18 pro items. So that’s, again, almost an average of 2 pro items per pro chest. Also, 0 uber items as well.

  1. Other alliance members who did not place that well in this weekly pro league only got 2 pro chests and they said that most of the items they got were only uber items, not pro. Some of them didn’t even get a pro item (which can happen if you only got 2 pro chests, sure).


This leads me to believe that there are different tiers (at least 2) of pro chests:

Higher tier - lots of pro items, awarded to those who score well in the pro league (think something like top50 in the old system, or 4-7-10 pro chests in the current system)

Lower tier - similar ratio of uber and pro items, awarded to those who do not score that well (like anyone worse than top100 in the old system, or 1-2 chests in the current system)


Before, I was under the impression that the only difference between PL rewards was the quantity of pro chests, not the quality.

So I’d like some clarification on this from Flare (maybe @GalaMorgane, @FTB, @Archimedes, etc) if this is true and there are indeed better and worse pro chests according to your score in the PL, or if this is just pure coincidence.

As you can see in FAQ in this section quality and quantity of Pro Chests are different according to the score.

It’s known that the higher tier you place the better rewards you’ll get. Randomness is still included (more or less luck) but it gets reduced the more you climb the tiers.

I hadn’t noticed that “and quality” in the FAQ.


My question was answered. Thanks.

one bit that I wanted to query was whether the quality is still based on rank, or is it based on tier.

eg previously if you got high enough rank to get 4 chests (top 30 or so), the 4 chests were generally quite good, get at least 1 ticket, some pro items etc.
This last one I scored high enough to get 4 chests, but I barely got into the top 200 since there were many high scores.

my chests were rubbish quality, no tickets, no pro items etc.
did I get unlucky with chests, or is the quality still tied to rank? which kind of means the rewards are still based on rank / affected by multi accounts etc which was one of the aims of the tiers reward system to make rewards not affected by other peoples scores.