Pro league problems

Hey flare …i just wanted to ask…is it look fair that a level lower then 80 is having a crown…silver or gold…not even level 130 players get the crown but they have it…if these are other acounts of pro players …then we suggest to kindly change the pro league conditio ns…

Yea and what is even more crazy is that sometimes those players, who didn’t even unlocked witch unit (for instance) manage to make high scores in pro cups w/ witches ^^

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It looks almost useless to have it because these low level players get it easily…

it s just cosmetic so who really cares?
I got my bronze crown a couple of month ago…more than one year after pro was introduced…
Only problem is that those accounts are clearly secondary account…and I thought that this is not legal…

Yes but dont know why they dont get banned

That’s why people care.
Flare should be more active on that.
It’s painfuly obvious that all those low lvl accounts are not there fairly.
The owners of those accounts are getting tons of crystals which they then use to donate pro pals to their main account’s alliances.
This is having a big impact on the game between alliances.


Stop fooling around! If these accounts violated the rules, they would already be banned. Always and everywhere there is an opportunity to do more and better without breaking the rules. Just admit it as a rule of life.

Any restrictions that are introduced into the game increase the gap between the old strong alliances that used it before the restriction and the growing alliances.

It is not necessary to think stereotypically that players of small level weak. The level is absolutely not an indicator of neither strength nor protection of the player.

It is impossible that a noob player get the crown…as they have no skills…dont u think its discouraging for pro players…who are playing for years…also its against the rules of RR2 to have multiple acounts…

Dont u think they are voilating the rules

Pro is only a cheater-event.

They aren’t banned tho.
Flare has an hard time banning these low lvl secondary accounts in the Pro League.
The majority of the top100 in the Pro League are either low lvl secondary accounts + their respective main accounts.

Single account players are a small minority in the top100 of the Pro League.

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