pro league proposal.

I know we should be very fast in the league. we often know that time is not enough. my advice, I can buy additional time with crystals. I am curious about your ideas in this regard, thanks guys ?

The limited time is what make the pro league well… Pro. If they add this the top players, who gets around 50K crystal each league, will be the one with crystals to spend on this feature. This will assure that the top players will remain at the top probably forever. 

I would be more for reducing the time from 4.15 to 2.45 on the board: <:)): - $ () (()))) = _ =

Thank you for your precious thoughts

Well, in my opinion, this is an interesting idea, but as MrSchmouck pointed out, it would just make the Pro League, well, just The League lol. There would be no “Pro” involved, cause other players would get more time than others. I think that there should be a little more time, perhaps 2 or 3 minutes on certain pro leagues where flare makes them harder, but it wouldn’t make that much of a difference. When I attack in the Pro League, I always have enough time, but I just botch the last 3, so I’ll just try them over and over to slowly get more “lion badges” and crystals to up my score. Time is very rarely a factor when I play

Plus, the pro league is the only place in RR2 where you can’t buy (at least legally) your way trought.

Trought definition: A Rough Trout, thus the words mix together to form: trought


Ok, “through” then. I always screw up that word. My french is better.

Very cool language B) 

I know nobody cares about what I think about this, but what I like about pro league is that you play with different setups.  Different spells, different offensive units, and it forces you to play in a different way than you are used to.  It’s SUPPOSED to be an equal footing for all to play, but obviously some players have more experience than others with certain setups.  It helps me experiment with units/spells I might otherwise not use in my regular fights.  It also shows the weaknesses of some units. I think it’s supposed to make us THINK.  I know some people feel the need to have to get 100% with everything they do.  It’s perfectly fine if I don’t finish.  I treat the whole PL as a training ground.  It makes it more fun than if I stressed because I couldn’t finish.  

I respect your thoughts ?

thanks for the comment. ? Great job

competition is a good thing. thanks for the comment. ?