Pro league question

Dear Flare,

I only want to know why RL is so strong alliance. They all time have first and second place in PL leaderboard. Can You tell me why they are so good? Or maybe they aren’t as god as we can see in rank. 

I think in this game some people are more equal than others. Or maybe I get my facts wrong then I will sorry all of them but now I have to say THEY ARE CHEATERS. And I mean PL and basic league too (and maybe more…).

I am not surprised at all. They obviously doing cheating in each pro league. Let this pro league bug to be fixed with 4.0. Then they not be able to come even in top 50 .

Either they are cheaters or they have just played the game the longest and have the most experience with all the troops in hard bases

Its a Rl. Alliance of the gods( and of the experts in cheat engine?!)

I dont believe their experience is enough big. Different sets - some players of RL in top places… Thats not experience for sure. What with other players with much better knowledge about game? Lot of them dont have the crown.

To not get noticed…Skint will come in top in last hrs as usual.Flare needs to investigate all of them.

ridiculous as always, cheaters on top as in every pro league

flare is never doing anything against cheaters - why should they do this time?!?

they don’t even give any answer to it…

at least slowpoison got banned as he is inactive, so 1 cheater less and probably just 9999 remaining *yeahh*

Could it be that the cheaters make up a big chunk of FLARE’s monthly revenue. Imagine being in a situation where if you ban all the PL cheaters only to see your revenu drop by 40%. It’s either being fair to other player OR close the game. Slowly kill the game OR kill it instantaneously.

P.S. It’s only a personnal theory, don’t give it too much importance.

How would Cheaters influence the Revenue positively? The opposite is the Fact. You think they pay for the Game? Me not, and in this Case I will not spend Money on the Game when everything is won by Cheaters.

PL is the only place where you can’t buy yourself to the top. The only way a rich player can acheived a top score  without skill is by cheating.

I left the game after I played pro league half a dozen times - and realised that all supposedly being equal I was soooo far behind the best, so just gave up. 

Recent history of RL ban is complicated, very strange ...

Genuine scores are around 1850…Above that all cheated!!!

Aren’t we supposed to NOT accuse people of cheating? Isn’t that against the forums ToS? Seriously guys, I mean, I agree this is a big deal, but flare would ban them if they were cheaters. I think they’re just more experienced with all the troops in the game, and more experienced against hard bases

If flare just evens out rewards and stop giving such high prizes for top 10. It will reduce the need to cheat and promote more honest folks from continuing to do pro.   And please stop giving pearls and pet food only.    What a waste

Very good point made here. I agree that they need to lower the rewards, at least in the monthly leaderboard. 50k gems is too much for first, and it’s just sitting there waiting for cheaters to come along and get it. This could be one way to reduce the “cheating” that is going on in the PL


Removing PL from game also is a good way to stop cheaters ?

Nooooooooo! It’s the only thing that’s keeping me from leaving the game!

I love the pro concept.  One of the best things flare introduced.    Just make the rewards less top heavy,  try to find out how to reduce cheating. ,.  Give a better percentage of crystals and items for normal players ranked below  and u will have a nice solid loyal base of folks.