Pro League rank 16 = 3 chests

Flare rework that new tier adjuster system please , its insane that in this league players outside of top 14 won 3 or less chests , and the rewards are similar to this every week now.

I also don’t get it. Till today 2k crystals was displayed plus 3 chests. At moment of payment, it was lowered to 1750 crystals plus 2 chests.

That sometimes rewards are lowered, I can understand, but this was definitely no easy one and 3 chests should be definitely the reward above 1500

In this week’s pro league, a lvl 50 and a lvl70 sit as top1-2 and that is the problem.
These are 2 obvious multi accounts and they’re distorting the rewards for everybody else.

The new system is better than the last one, but there’s still work to be done.


flare should not take into account the top scorers if they define the rewarding tiers…I mean…the gap between the top 2 and the rest is too big…it s obvious that they fiound a way to "exploit’ something to get there…
If Flare was not able to identify it should not mean that they have to punish everyone by lowering the rewards like this…The 3rd and 4th should have add 9 chests instead of 7 like they received…

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Pro league should be renamed to Frustration league.

Before : you have to play it to get pro boost
During : you suffer because of the combo and the weakness of your king
After : you get peanuts and see the whole (bad) story repeating over and over again…


I like pro vuz i have a fight with myself.
Mostly i even doesnt care about who score more.
2 chests or 10 chests, who care

for the effort I d appreciate more chests :wink:

but in the end I dont really care cause I got always 2 chests at most cause I m not so good at PL :slight_smile:

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But 2 chests are 2 chests!:rofl::rofl:
Usually its mean 20 k pro crystalls per month

Good for pro noob as me:(

it’s just pathetic that the results of the cheaters pushes everyone elses rewards down :-/


What a way to prevent?)

Well it looks like the new cheat mechanism passed certification with the low accounts…
Next week the real accounts will hammer pro league,

It is outrageous indeed.

And look at the difference in points amongst all those that got 2 chests:

From 1547 to 1123. That’s 420 points difference in performance! Or 2 more levels completed!

Whoever only made it to lvl 7 gets the same chests as the guy who made it to level 9.

What a disgrace.


@Madlen, there needs to be a comment here, the Pro-League rewards are getting worse not better since the recent changes.

I find if I dont look at the rewards at all … pro league is far less annoying and depressing.
This way is just becomes like luck in the game… a mildly annoying thing…
actually thats probably a novel change up we could have lucky chest scores and as wonky as the luck system is it may ve an improvement lol.

Hey guys,
I will take your feedback and forward it to the devs.

Just for information reasons - this is how the system works now (in case you have not seen the OA). We can’t go into more details about this.

So its total gambling now.

Thanks for the feedback so far. With the new scoring system in place in most cases now there will be only very few people in tier 1, which reflects the rewards for others in the process (but not exclusively, since all scores are be considered, not just the top ones). So I believe this is what you are experiencing now and which may cause a certain frustration. This is a change to before where at least 10 people got the top rewards over a long period of time. But we do believe and we hope you will agree with us, that this new system much more reflects the actual intention of Pro-League to find out who is the best and is therefore a positive reinforcement to that intent.

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2 chests is all we need!:+1:

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2 chests WITH CRYSTALS is all we need!:+1:

for some reasons I only get food and pearls in the Pro chests from Pro league, contrary to the ones from conquest which always give out 4k - 6k per chest …