Pro League rank 16 = 3 chests

You are probably right that 30lvl deserve silver and gold crowns. 100% legally acquired !!
“How brilliant of a player one must be to achieve a top 1 score in Pro league at lvl 50-70! Yet, it looks like there’s a lot of brilliance of that kind in this game.”- @ FilipeJSL
There are many players from 5400 puchars who do not have a pro crown, do you think this is a matter of playing well? the player who plays 5400 shows strength and not the player 30lvl who can not win the gold league and has a gold crown with pro

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So many complaints without suggested solution.

Even government agencies in many countries can’t deal with people circumventing being tracked with VPN, what do you expect Flare to do?

Really, the only solution is to make it accessible to players level 120 and above. It won’t cut off players below level 120 because they can continue to play pro league once they reach level 120. It should be a natural progression of the game where certain features are only unlocked at certain levels.


Another solution could be to give 3 tries to everybody, and keep the best score. Most of the second and third accounts won’t be used anymore to do PL.

great) increase multi-account performance

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I can understand how this would eliminate some of the multiaccs. But it still does not solve the problem, you already have players handling multiple high level accounts, and nothing would stop them from practicing. Since top prizes are only given out to a handful of players, there is a chance multiacc would still greatly damage the rankings.

On the other hand, allowing 2-3 tries per level or more time in total as I suggested has the potential to even out scores even if multiaccs are still playing, while also increasing the fun for those that like PL. Heck, I feel disappointed everytime I finish one, wish there was more time to play it.

Another idea would be to have pro-league on a 45min timer that starts counting down once you begin level 1, so as to force players to play the whole thing in sequence in one go. As it is, multiaccs can practice lvl 10 multiple times in different accs, then switch to the main acc and ace it after practice.
Making it a one shot effort would mean multiaccs would need to play the entire pro-league on every single device, and then switch to the main acc to play it from 1 to 12 as well. Would be much harder to memorize all there is to the final levels and how to time spells and etc.

That was my first impression also invizible, but reality is multiaccs already get infinite tries if they own infinite accs (and people do own them).

However, there is diminishing returns for every time you practice. First try is always the blind one, whilst second allows for planning ahead, and third for corrections. From then on, it is minor adjustments to be made.

As it is, multiaccs get as many tries as they want, while regular players only have the blind one. Allowing for 3 attempts would actually diminish the gap in performance between single and multiaccs. Performance wise, it is far more impacting to go from first to second try, than going from fifth to sixth try

That would change the nature of pro league. Right now it is just nice, where it is a full 35 minute adrenaline pumped event where you have no room for failure. There is no grinding involved.

If you give 2 or 3 hours, it becomes a grinding event.

Also, as someone already pointed out, it gives multi account even more tries. The so called gap between 1st and 3rd try, and 5th or 6th try, is just your speculation. How about someone with 20 tries? You think that’s not going to help multi accounts? Secondary accounts don’t even play all stages, so they can keep the entire 2-3 hours for stage 9 or 10 onwards.

Thus, making it accessible to only level 120 is the better solution. Eliminating 95% of multi accounts is better than giving even more advantage to 100% of all multi account users.

As to progression, that’s what uber items are for. Players can use uber items and only progress on to pro items when they reach level 120.

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Even if i would have 10 accounts it will not help me to do better result.
As for me i dont see any problem in multi in the pro


All of this doesn’t do anything against the real cheaters who just bump up the stats of the spells, the health of the king etc


On the contrary, it does. Many cheaters use low level multi accounts to cheat because they don’t mind those accounts being banned. They seldom use their main account to cheat because it would be a waste to get their high level accounts banned.

On those rare occasions where some players are silly enough to use their main accounts to cheat, they get banned from the game. You don’t seem them ever again.

However, if you don’t introduce the level 120 requirement, the ban to low level cheating accounts has 0 meaning because today you ban that account, tomorrow there will be another by the same player.

THIS, is another reason why the level 120 requirement should be introduced.

But what use is it to them to get all those high rewards on a secondary account? They can’t transfer to their main account… yeah, they can give some ‘useless’ phoebe’s to their alliance, but all other rewards can’t be used then.

Maybe a different way: if pro is just about deciding who is best, then just reduce massively the rewards (and also the price of the tickets)

It doesn’t matter whether you think it is useful or not to have secondary accounts having high rewards. If you see those low level accounts topping the leaderboard and disappearing a day before pro league ends (getting banned of course), instead of high level ones, you know it’s a secondary account attempting to cheat.

There are limited number of high level accounts in the game, so like I said if players are silly enough to cheat with those accounts, once those high level cheaters are slowly banned, cheaters will disappear from pro league, provided that the level 120 requirement is introduced so cheaters can’t flood the league again and again with new accounts.

To make only 120 levels1 mean lose income to Flare
They will not do it im sure.

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I don’t think they could either, getting Castle to level 10 is a lot of work for a player new to game (less for someone who is just interested in multi accounting), putting the level 120 restriction kills the pro-league for many legitimate players.

I’ve suggested these changes before but:
Make the insta-troops 2 per level (punishes the retry less)
Be less reliant on jester boxes, or highlight them on the map at the beginning
Make the rewards a bit better at the mid-level (places 20-250) and lower them at the top end (8 pro-chests maximum maybe)
Make the pro-boosts dependent on 30-35 scoring decently to get level 4 consistently, rather than some hard weeks that need 50, and easy weeks that get done with 25

Also reduce the pro subscription cost, it really isn’t worth it vs. the rewards you get.


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There are more and more of such players…

I have a small solution… Maybe you would like to consider…
After the pro is over, the rewards should not be immediately given…
FG should take 24 hours after pro league is over to hand over the prizes… Within this 24 hours, the top 100 players should be searched as follows…

  1. If Player LvL < 70
    return Player Name
  2. If it is the first time ever player is playing pro league
    return Player Name

This should be done by the system for top 100 participants after the pro league is over… Then, FG devs should check all the returned Player Names for suspicions… They have 24 hours enough time limit to make sure who is a cheater and who is not, from the list of returned suspicious players…

Guys its unreal to find if guy cheater or not;)

If they use different phones- mean you cant catch them

Relax with your witch hunting;)

Exactly. The main PL idea has been lost. Cheaters play 4 pizes, teams plays 4 boosts the rest 4 plesure. People are frustrated because because they don’t get good prizes. If cheaters cannot be found so FG must do something that will make pointless to wim PL 4 them

What does it mean - good prizes?
As i understand now everyone getting based on his score;)