Pro League rank 16 = 3 chests

Its funny to read:)))

Its like to talk with a child.
I want this candy and i dont care how you will get it​:rofl::rofl:

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As i see you have lot of free time to waste , you can spend it to work for a company for free and solve their mistakes , no one said you cant do it, good luck :blush: and dont go off topic

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Games i tried as fps/moba games there are no such problems like multi accounting because in those having more than one account is pointless.
Do you have experience with similar games to rr2 and similar single player events like pro league in those games? Perhaps other games found already a working solution that flare can take into rr2.

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Play other game, what a problem?
You can earn much more there​:rofl::rofl:

You have no point to discuss, you complaint about the system and cant give an example how to fix

All you want is - someone should do something

Its not a way to make discussion.

For me all fine, pro is good cuz we fight with ourselfes.
I dont care who do more or who use multi.

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Me and you @LacunaC have both provided ideas to try and improve it.

Might not be the best or work great in practice, but I’ve said it before, they are at least worth a shot.

Most important of all, they are all easily implementable.

Yes, Pro League has been the same disaster for ages and might be impossible to salvage.

What is unforgivable, however, is Flare’s lack of AT LEAST trying to improve it.

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Its bad ideas

Why need to cap for 120 level? What is it? New players should have fun too! And pro items.

Many tries and etc? Its not interesting

The main thing i still cant understand - what a problem with so named “cheaters”.
Why its matter?:slight_smile:

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Yeah and I’ve already given some suggestions to Flare but they got rejected. So no, there isn’t a solution.

Apart from entry requirement at level 120 which even you reject, I’ve also proposed phone number to be registered first before one can join pro league but seems to be too expensive to implement (this is a system done in Dota 2 where you can’t play ranked match without having your phone number verified). Sure, some can still use plenty of numbers, but it’ll cast a wide net and it will prevent many of those who do not have multiple numbers just for this game.

Anyway, the idea is also rejected.

I don’t like pro league’s nature to be changed to a long grinding event as proposed by bolhas. 35 minutes run of adrenaline rush where failure is not an option is the perfect balance.

See, there’s still no solution where many can be happy with.

So I’ve learned to just accept and play pro league infested with cheaters. Collect however many pro chests you have and move on.

I mean, it’s not like crystals are valuable these days. You’re a veteran player, what else are you going to use the crystals for?


I told my idea, maybe you didnt read it before , but its also not solution , my idea was that pro league should be a really short duration event, not for many days as it is right now if its for many days then players have chance to play it with more accounts, but if pro league ends after 1 hour, everyone who want to participate will go online and complete it fast , no one will have time to do it with more accounts, everyone have time for only 1 account, no one can cheat this way. But the problem is that lacuna mentioned the time zones, for some players the event would be at midnight , so it means less player will play pro league = less player buy tickets = less money for flare = they will never like this plan
Also i cant understand why you are here on this topic , you are bad pro league player and you dont care about it , you also dont have any ideas just trolling here , not much use of you here.

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Having lvl cap to enter is not fair yes i said my opinion about it already, because many many players cant play this way = less players buy tickets = less money for flare = they will never like this plan same way as my short duration pro league idea
But i like it that you have many ideas about multiple things on forum about the game (balancing and similar things), you try to do something its great, its useful, not like cromka who answer every post on forum but only empty meaningless answers he can give.

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Lets be honest , flare likes the current pro league system , its the best for them when its uncontrollable, if anyone can participate without restriction and even with more accounts , it means the most income for them, because perhaps players buy gems on low accounts too to get tickets on those.
They do not want to find solution because that way they lose income, even if after some time we find the best perfect plan to make it fair , it will never be implemented into the game because fair pro league = less money pro league for them.
They reduced the amount of crystals/chests that top 20 can win, this way its less painful for honest players, they will never do anything more to make it fair.
This topic not worth to waste more time , flare will never bother with it.

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Its simple. We want to get the rewards we deserve and cheaters corrupt the rankings.

Good for you if you can play and not bother with prizes. Some of us do, and I don’t think it is asking too much. And for players that are not lvl 130 yet, scoring big on pro league is a big boost to leveling up with all the items and resources.

To me personally, there is nothing in this game better than the feeling of doing great in a pro league and getting 4+ chests.

As it is, the whole thing is a mess. You had @godhar here getting 3 chests for rank 16.

A second reason I am here personally trying to give out suggestions is I really like this mode and would really like it to be the ultimate test of raiding skills. Asking for more time, like 40-45-50 minutes goes in that direction. It would give everyone a chance to go on a test run on harder stages and then going for a real try.

You can’t really determine who is best when so much random stuff goes into play and you only have 1 shot at each level basically. Jester boxes, pal skills, all that can drastically change the course of a match. Some replayability would do wonders to minimize random factors influencing in the outcome.


It’s not like I’m asking for 180 minutes.

Why can’t we even try 40 minutes to see how it goes? 45?

Why can’t they copy and paste the pro-league coding and have it run twice? First 3 days, the short 35-45min version. Last 2 days, a 60-70min version. Or a 3 attempts per level version. Or your 120 min lvl version.

Zero implementation cost. It is all there already.


So many different things to try. Would it kill anyone to play a 40 or 45min league a few times?

None of these changes would make it a grinding event. 40-45 minutes is still short, but would greatly improve the fun we take away from this mode I think. Being able to try those impossible levels more than once would be awesome so we could test different openings, etc.

I am personally always bummed after my time ends, feels too short.

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Just for the record, last pro league we saw top 10 dominated by players lvl below 100.

This week, going the same direction.


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It will always be like this. By the way it looks like no one from flare even active on forum anymore


I would like to suggest few things to make pro league fair

  1. Reduce price to 100-200 gems so that more players can participate
  2. Give 2 types of chests in pro league.
    First type of chest should be awarded according to players rank in pro league and it should be filled with pro items only
    2nd type of chest should be awarded according to score one’s alliance achieved. Should be given to only those who participated. Like 4 chests for 4 level 3 for level 3. These chests should be filled with crystals…
    As we know players cheat for crystals… And most cheaters are from low alliances
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Do away with all personal rewards and make pro for the alliance boost only. Then all the players getting banned might stop creating new extra accounts every few weeks?