Pro League Restarted

I started playing the most recent pro league (Witchcraft Cup) as soon as the event started on 16th February (3pm my local time).

I was putting my best score ever, I completed challenge 7 with no fails and had 16+ minutes remaining.  Started Challenge 8 and completed that and as soon as it was done the game logged off.

After a couple of failed attempt to log in to the game, I finally did. Went in to my pro league screen and saw my king was waiting at challenge 1 and was showing I had 35minutes reaming, as if I did not started playing the league at all.

Went to the current pro-leader board and found my score of 1140 was showing and I was ranking 3rd that time (way to early I know to establish a place).

So this was way back on 16th February. Did not play the pro league at all after that. Tried to contact flare games by submitting a request and add screenshots.

Got a respond the day after (Saturday 17th February my local  asking me to tell them when the issue happened. I did and waited till 19th February (office closed during weekends) to get a respond.

Which is -

“According to our database, the last mission you completed was challenge #7, your final leader board points were 4476 and your final Pro currency was 13,171.”

By my calculation I could not have a score of 1140 if I did not complete challenge 8 and also if I had 16+ minutes remaining before attempting challenge 8 I should have 12+ more time on my clock after completing challenge 8.

So what am I to do now. Should I play as is and start from the beginning. Remember I already have a score of 1140 on the current pro leader board. So how is that going to work out.

Sent another email to know what should I do to play or stay put. Sent that email on 20th February (my Tuesday) and still now answer.

Now with less than 24hrs till the current league ends I am writing this here. Should I try to play as is (the way things are now) or not. Cause this will affect my reward both current and monthly.

I will add screenshots which I already sent though email and current ones too.

Hope to hear from someone soon.


So you have 1140 score on leaderboard, and still 12 missions to do with 35 mintues left, not a bad start, lols :wink: Seriously though, wish FG could assist you better with this, if they have the record of you finishing island 7 (instead of 8 but whatever), the fact you are directed back to island 1 is bizarre. Also, you forgot to mention that on alliance leaderboard your score is brought back to 0 as well :confused:

Support ticket.

he said he has already sent a ticket

Then why post it here?

Because he didn’t receive any help and tries to find it here before PL ends ? 

Cause it takes forever to get a proper response from the support team. He’s waiting since the PL started to get this problem fixed. But no proper response. The league ends soon and he doesn’t know what to do. Other threads get a response. Would be nice if this would get a response too. @GalaMorgane

Did you even read the post?

Shortly after the PL started the servers were having problems.

It seems Flare had to use a backup. This resulted in a few players progress not being taken into account during this time.

You should play again @hyperpc. I would not count on getting any compensation from Flare. You do not have too much time left, so better hurry. Good luck.

PL ends in 3 hours and still no response. Good job. Right now we are actually missing those points to unlock the next level. Would be very frustrating if we would miss it because of those guys

Congrats, you have successfully ignored it

This is very sad. No one from flare games contacted me in the last 2 days after sending 1 email each day, asking them what should I do. In the end I replayed all the challenge. Died on challenge 6 lost time there (this time around - did not die there the 1st time round). How hard can it be to tell me that I need to redo all the challenge? Been playing this game for almost the last 3 years. Very Disappointed with the service.


Thanks for all your suggestion and help







@GalaMorgane @flaretara I definitely see some need for compensation for this player, perhaps an extra Pro Chest or something. He’s even given proof of the glitch, very disappointing to hear the horribleness of the so called “support team” 


Sorry to hear about your issue.

A gentle reminder tho, that we do not provide Customer Support over the weekend. I can see that our teams replied to your ticket. If you don´t see their reply, please check your spam folder. :grinning:

Many thanks,


A little while ago ~3000 crystals were added to my account. There was a delay from the customer service side. No mail in spam. Thanks again everyone for all your help and support.

At least you got some compensation! Congrats! 


Oh my goodness! Me and Domikick were looking here and I clicked “Like” on Mag’s comment, and boom, Domikick did as well. Then I go and like hyperpc’s comment and BOOM, Domikick did the same. What a coincedence! Two posts liked at the exact same times