Pro League Reward Tier System - is it going to change every single time? Based on what?

The current pro league tier is problematic. As it stands, players are obviously getting worse reward than what they would have gotten using the old system. This is because Flare doesn’t know how difficult the pro league is, and thus, difficult to calculate the tier correctly.


If at all it is going to be scaled again like last week according to players’ performance, then, how is this different from the old system? At least there is certainty in the old system. In the current system, Flare decides IF and WHEN and HOW MUCH they want to scale it to.


We need a more reliable benchmark, not one where it changes arbitrarily. As previously suggested, they can have their own staff as a benchmark, i.e. Flothaboss. If a developer who can literally know everything he needs to know about all the stages and retry unlimited times, then that should be the benchmark for the highest score. Anyone who actually scores above such a player deserve to get the highest reward (Flothaboss can literally retry as many times as he wants if he is afraid too many people will beat his score and get good rewards). After that, the entire tier should be scaled according to Flothaboss score. For example, if Flothaboss scores 1600, then the next tier should be 1550 - 1599, and so on.


Otherwise, players will have to face the uncertainty every single week hoping that Flare would scale the tier reward and include them in the tier they deserve.




Bump! The Pro League rewards are currently a joke, I got about rank 110 and the rewards were similar to someone with about rank 250 as per the old system. I see some top 10 entrants getting rewards of top 75 as per the old system. Dunno if the system attempted to make players get better rewards then it has failed. Even with multi-accounts, undetected cheaters, we got better rewards so the benchmark of tiers hasn’t been set well enough. Dunno how is the situation down at rank 500 or 1k, but at top 200, it needs to be fixed :confused:

This really is a problem.

The old system was perfect IF there was a fair playing field (no multis, no cheaters). However, Flare wasn’t doing a good enough job of detecting all cheaters (some have been going at it for months now, they’re always the same guys, we all see them and Flare has been unable to detect them).


So Flare changed the rewards system. At first it seemed great. Regular players got pretty much the same rewards (at least I did) but multis weren’t getting the 7-10 pro chest rewards. That was good enough for me. But then Flare rebalanced the tiers in the last day of the pro league and multis still got the 7-10 pro chests anyway!

What’s the point then? It’s not making any sense.

The actual players who play well are getting bad rewards thanks to this :confused:

Hello folks,

When setting the tiers for Pro-Cups we let our best players (one of them being Flothaboss) try and get their best possible score. This way we hope to get a realistic goal for the top tiers. We understand that the last cup was balanced a bit too hard and the top tier was too hard to reach, which is why we will decrease the difficulty for the following ones.

When it comes to rewards, the new tier system offers a fairer chance for everybody to get good rewards (since it is now is based on personal skill and not on how other players perform). Furthermore, the new system also allows for more than one person to be getting e.g. the top #1 rewards. Theoretically , there is no limit to the amount of players that could get the tier 1 rewards now (whereas it could only be one with the old system).

Many thanks,


Since now there can be “unlimited” #1 spots, I hope you realise that you’re encouraging people to keep running multiple accounts in the pro league.

I mean they’ve always done it and some even have been enjoying regular sucess with it (multiple top5-10 places weekly and monthly). You’re just encouraging them to keep going.


I would prefer a reward system that would make these guys think “eh, it’s really not worth it that much to have multis… I won’t bother doing it just to get 1 more chest per week”.

so instead of being based on how others perform, its based on how well FTB performs - who has inside knowledge and better access / resourced than any player.

how exactly is this fairer than based on how normal players perform?

I don’t see the big advantage that someone running with multiple accounts has in PL. I wouldn’t score better even if I’d redo the same league 5 times, but likely that’s just me. :grinning:

The original ranking list was, I think, wrong, with its counting only different scores. I would have preferred an honest ranking list, where N players with same score also consume N positions in the ranking list. Anyway.

The tiers are the next best solution.

However, I totally dislike it that the tiers are based on FTB or any other player or group performance! They should be fixed, with the theoretical maximum result as top tier, and the others at fixed steps lower. The only input I’d want from FTB and/or a group of best players is that they should balance the challenges in PL so that a really skillful top player also can finish and reach that top tier! That has to be done before the league starts. Not in between, not afterwards. And at least after the league finished, FG should publish videos of those raids, so anyone can prove that the league could indeed be finished with 100% score.

Based on what that guy scores? I think last league he had about 300 points less than the first place guy. And the one who scored almost 1900 didn’t even get the max rewards. If that’s your best player, then it’s really sad. If it should be based on what he scores, then he should play once and not do them over and over again until he has a very high score, cause many of us also only have one chance. Ofc many have more than one, we know that. Let him play once, after he’s done, his score will be the highest tier. Easiest solution imo

You failed to adjust the Tower Madness Cup (most probably you didn’t want to do it in 4 days of time) and you’re still failing to not realize that you’re letting multi accounts getting free crystals and pro chests. If your Pro Tiers are adjusted according to FTB then we’re all safe… 1564 his score with the 1900 of the tower madness cup…pretty balanced i’d say. Lmao 

100% sure that’s just you. Definately.


As a matter of fact, I can’t imagine there’s anybody out there that would not improve with more training. I think you might actually be the only one.

And probably inifnite tries …

The Pro Tiers are a good add, but a huge bug! If they worked they would most likely give you more chests. But in this latest pro league, I received 2 chests and 1300 crystals instead of at least 2800 (combined with PL and Pro Tiers) and at least 3 chests (I believe I earned 2 Pro Tier Chests, although I may be mistaken). So far I have been really disappointed with the way the Pro Tiers have been made

The weekly pro league and the pro tier are the same. There is no bug. You got the chests that you deserved, not more not less. There is no bug

The pro tier only shows you how much you have to score to get a certain amount of chests/crystals

So the Pro Tier is there only to confuse people? No, that can’t be right

Pro League ranking is for your ego; pro league tiers determine your rewards.

Well, then they shouldn’t show rewards for your PL Ranking!

The rewards that are shown on the PL ranking, are also the ones that are shown on the pro tier. PL ranking is only for the crowns now

Okay, but why were the rewards different for the tier that I was in? In my rank, 290th or something, I received 1300 and 2 Chests, but my Tier should’ve given me at least 1500 and 2 Chests