Pro League Reward Tier System - is it going to change every single time? Based on what?

Imo, I think that all the Pro Tiers did was make the Pro League a big fat complicated mess

Either tiers were changed mid PL like last time or not sure. The reward on the leaderbars always shows your tier rewards.

Maybe you didn’t look properly. There are always two tiers shown on the screen, at least on my device, the bottom one is the one you’re in and the one above is the next highest

Perhaps, but I am 99% sure that I looked correctly. Anyway though, thanks for explaining what happened to me, helps a lot

Before they change the tiers the difference between someone ranked 101 and someone ranked 500 was something like 500 crystals… (because from 101 to 500 we only received 2 chests)… They probably need to adjust better the top tiers but the system is better. The main problem indeed is that they don’t have monthly tiers that is where they really should have focused, until then for 95% of players doesn’t make sense to play every week, because it doesn’t matter if you play just one week or four, your reward will be the same, a pro chest and a few gems.

No, I’m the second one. If I know what’s coming, I fight worse. :wink:


But if you start PL, you already know what is coming, right?


Serious question: What do you think will improve if you’d had another round? I mean, PL is not for training. I can practice attacking, even in a setup that’s close to PL gears, outside of PL. Unlimited. There is also no surprise effect in PL, where a second try would help you. Last cup, FTB’s videos were available just a few hours after PL start, and you can study the whole path of each challenge, every tower and every troop that attacks, all, in slow motion, forwards and backwards. :slight_smile:

Now it’s not that I would have the same result if I play PL tournament multiple times. I might be luckier in one try, or reacting faster in another. Also of course I hope to get better with practicing. Likely I’d get a better result if I could repeat same PL in a month or three. But that’s not how tournaments work. I practice now, and that needs to help in the coming PL tournament(s).

putting it out there now… (default) tiers were low, and many people with good rewards.

Think flare will not increase the tiers / lower rewards and the resulting backlash… maybe making up for bad rewards last week?

They should be rotating the pro items out every month. There are some players that don’t participate in the pro league every week but the same items are on for months at a time. 

The reward system should give a random “pro item” with the chest.