Pro League Rewards? Send Help



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I did not understand if:
A) You’re complaining because rewards are too low for top 10 or…
B) You’re suprised because once more the number one (or even others?) is… most probably a cheater?


It looks like 2 weeks ago (I still have bad memories). We are going from an extreme one to another one (like 1 week ago) and viceversa. I wish the return of previous reward system.

I wonder… Where is monthly leaderboard?

It‘s gone, it has been like a few months.

I think the reward tiers were quite flawed this season, Even the #1 not reaching 3 chests was a pity. :confused:

They where re adjusted at the last moment , In game it shows that they got 10. I just don‘t understand why it must always be like this, well I am not against adjustments :slight_smile: